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Participant Tracking

Category: Meetings & Webinars

A feature you can integrate with your analytical tools and track your audience.

We provide compatibility with the Google Analytics tracking code, Facebook pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Segment pixel tracker, as well as your own custom tracking code.

This option can be activated when you set up your meeting. It allows you to connect your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or your own pixel code to each room. These services will gather information about the traffic in your rooms and you can manage all the statistics for these services (i.e. connect them to the campaigns you run for a particular webinar, etc.).

To connect the tracking code you have to: (we will use the example of Facebook Pixel)

1. Copy your Facebook Tracking pixel ID
2. Paste it to the Pixel ID field that is available in the Tracking tab settings during scheduling events.

You can find your pixel ID in the Facebook Event Manager Menu (
read here how to do that).

At this moment, participant tracking regards user actions that take place just in the meeting room itself. Registration and leads forms are not supported by participant tracking.

All data gathered from Facebook Pixel you may find in the Facebook Pixel Manager sections.