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How to generate password tokens

What is a token?

An access token is essentially a key, encrypted proof to the right of access – a type of authorizing password. When a given attendee receives an access token, they are the only person who can make use of it, as it is
their personal “key” to the webinar room. In LiveWebinar, tokens are to consist of a six-symbol password that is made up of letters and numbers (for example, ABCGFE1). In order to log on safely, the token is to be used when entering a webinar room.

How to generate password tokens?

While scheduling your webinar please go to the “Advanced” tab and select “Password token protect your room” a choose the number of tokens you need (you can choose up to 300 tokens but it’s possible to have more if you have one of our custom/enterprise plans). In the next step, just after you schedule your webinar, click on the “Cog” button next to it and download the generated tokens.

You can now send them to participants individually. Each token can be used just by one person. Note: If you invite someone through the “Invite participants” feature he won’t have to give his personal token in order to enter the room.