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How to schedule a permanent room for your regular meetings?

Category: Meetings & Webinars

In LiveWebinar, you have the option of setting up several types of events. One of them are Permanent Rooms. Permanent rooms are perfect for organizing regular meetings, course sessions etc. Set up once, they can be a permanent meeting place for the same group of people. Attendees need to be invited only once and will join the sessions at the agreed time. 

To create a permanent room, select the Events / Rooms tab in the navigation menu.

LiveWebinar dashboard


Then click "Schedule Permanent Room". Choose a name for your permanent room and the option of its availability. By default, you have the option "Permanently open room - open all the time" already selected. 

LiveWebinar dashboard

At this stage, you can create an event by clicking "Schedule" or set additional parameters such as the meeting agenda, registration form, etc.

Permanent rooms are available only in LiveWebinar paid plans- PRO or BUSINESS. To make use of paid rooms, please upgrade your plan here.