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How to use the Participant Engagement feature?

The Participant Engagement feature allows you to collect information about the attendee presence and engagement at your event by giving them points for meeting specific criteria. 

It not only allows you to track participant activity and involvement during your event but also introduces an element of gamification to online meetings by assigning points to attendees based on their achievements during the meeting. 

Before you start configuring your Engagement panel, you have to remember to create an event first. Click here to learn how to create an event.

Once the event is created, you can go to the event creation panel to start configuring Engagement settings for this event.

  1. Click on the Engagement option in the event creation panel under the "Engagement" tab.
  2. Choose “Design new” from the options underneath.
  3. Click on the “Update” button.

Once you have done so, you can start setting up your configuration. You have three steps here to complete:

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Engagement Criteria
  3. Achievement Levels


In this section, you create a configuration criteria that you will use to measure the engagement of your event participants.

  1. First, you need to give the configuration a name. You can then save it under this name and it will be stored in the panel for further usage.
  2. Then enter the maximum number of points a participant can earn during the meeting.

This number represents 100% of the points when calculating the percentage of participant engagement.

Once you have done it you can start defining the Engagement Criteria.


Here you can define the criteria by which you will measure the engagement of meeting participants. For each selected category, determine the number of points a participant will receive after meeting a given criterion.

Remember to toggle the option (1) and then activate it (2) to add new criteria.

You have several types of criteria to choose from and specify.


You can measure the Attendance of your participants and award them a specific number of points for certain periods of time spent at the meeting.

Presence Manager

You can also set up a special function of a Presence Manager. This feature, if enabled, will allow you to check the participant's attendance during the meeting at the intervals of your choice. For each checked pop-up, you can assign a specific number of points to the participant.

To read more about the Presence Manager, go here.

Browser inactivity

The next engagement criterion to set up is the so-called Browser inactivity. You can use it if you want to check how long participants remained focused at your meeting without browsing through other webpages.

Tests and Surveys

You can also award participants points for each test they take. You can set up criteria such as: the time of completion in minutes or the correctness of the test.

Similarly, you can also award participants for completing Surveys and Polls during your webinar.


To complete the process of creating your Engagement Configuration, you need to set Achievement levels. This is the last step of the configuration process. Just enter the number of points that your participants earned and the name of the Achievement that should be awarded on this scale for achieving a given number of points.

Note that the Engagement function is closely related to the Certificates function. To read more about Certificates, go here.