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How do I receive the money I earned via paid webinars?

You can request to receive the payments you earned after reaching a minimum, payable amount. For each such transaction, LiveWebinar receives a 10% commission for the overall payout. After earning $1000 (as an example) you are eligible to request a payout, and 10% ($100) will go to LiveWebinar, with the rest ($900) going to you.


Which payment gateways do you support?

Attendees can pay for access to your event through PayPal gateways.


What is the minimum number of tickets that can be made available for an event?

There is no minimum or maximum number of tickets you can create (if they will be paid ones), however you can have a maximum of 300 tickets for one event.


How and when should I create an invoice?

You will be able to create an invoice when the collective amount earned reaches $1000, (or it’s equivalent in the currency you use). The address details for LiveWebinar will be provided on the payout page. Be sure to include your NIP number (for Poland) or your Tax ID number (or equivalent).


Can I include multiple event tickets in one invoice?

Yes. An invoice is generated for all your tickets that have reached a sum of $1000.


Can I integrate my system of generating invoices with LiveWebinar?

No, at the moment integrating your own invoice creator is not supported.


Can I receive a payout if I have events in multiple currencies?

If you have events that are paid for in (for example) USD, EUR, and PLN, those earnings will be summed together (after conversion) and you can request for payout once this number reaches $1000.


Which currency will my payout be provided in?

The payout currency is always the same as the currency you use to pay for your LiveWebinar account.


When will an attendee receive an invoice for participating in the event?

An invoice will be sent to the email address provided by the attendee after the payment has been received by the bank. This process generally takes around 24 hours.


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