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Methods of Creating Tickets

Category: Paid Webinars

a. Do I need to use any integrations to make paid rooms work?

Yes, you will have to set up an integration with Stripe or Braintree to connect a payment gateway. There is no external software necessary, the whole integration can be made within your account.

b. Can I setup paid tickets for evergreen webinars?

Currently the paid webinar feature is only available for live events and permanent rooms.

c. I can’t find the paid webinars feature – why?

The paid webinars feature can be accessed from the “Billing” tab that can be found in your profile menu. If you have a free account, the paid webinars feature will not be available to you because you
cannot provide the billing information that’s necessary for activating this feature. If you are part of LiveWebinar’s legacy billing system, you will also not have access to the current billing system that gives you access to the Paid Webinars feature. To gain access to this feature, you’ll have to upgrade your account to the current billing system.