FAQ -> Branding Tool -> How can I customize my meetings with my logo / colors / fonts and backgrounds?

How can I customize my meetings with my logo / colors / fonts and backgrounds?

With the Branding Tool, you can replace the LiveWebinar logo with your own, and change the colors of windows and fonts, and your own backgrounds. Read all about the branding tool and how to use it here.

The tool itself allows you to customize 9 different fields:

  • Navbar: the navigation bar visible at the top of the screen.
  • Layout: the layout controls the background of the “Content”, “Navbar” and “Card” parts of the screen. 
  • Content: edits the colors of the main content window at the center of the screen. 
  • Card: controls the colors of the window that contains the audio and video windows, participant’s list, chat, and timer. 
  • Buttons: customize the buttons that are present in the room, such as the camera and microphone buttons in the Audio & Video window. 
  • Modals: by editing the “Modals”, you can change the colors of the windows that pop up in your webinar room, for example, CTAs or Participant Details windows. 
  • Form: customize the logo that appears above your form. 
  • Storage: change the color of the place holder in your account storage (the drag and drop box). 
  • Feedback: change the colors of the feedback button visible at the lower right of the screen.

Want to customize even more? Learn how to personalize your event agenda, or change the background of your video with virtual backgrounds.

The embed code is a handy feature for making your LiveWebinar room appear in your domain, we have customers who use it for very easy integrations as the code is the same for all the rooms. You can create a branding template, make it the default for your account, so all your rooms will use it (only a small footer will be shown – “Made with love by LiveWebinar”). Learn more here.