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Agenda Creator

The agenda creator allows you to build an agenda that's more customized, thanks to options that allow you to add images, tables, and color to your event outline. You also have access to multiple formatting options, such as text formatting, text alignment options, and bullet points/numbered lists. LiveWebinar’s agenda is based on the so-called “WYSWIG” method. Below you can see an example of what you can do with the creator.  

Agenda creator

General Agenda Options

You can find the agenda creator on the first page of the "Schedule Event" option. The general editing options are described below:

Agenda examples

  1. Clear formatting, Undo/Redo - here you can clear all the formatting you've done so far, or undo/redo your actions.
  2. Paragraph styles - select between multiple paragraph styles, ranging in size.
  3. Text appearance - make your text bold, or italicized, or add a colorful highlight. 
  4. Alignment - select the alignment of your text.
  5. Other options - add a bulleted or numbered list, add a table, control the indent of the paragraph, insert a link or image (more on adding tables and images below).
  6. Check your work - preview your work, see how it looks as code, or check the Help section.


Adding a Table

You can add a table by selecting the dimensions you need from the menu.

Agenda table

There are also additional settings that let you control the appearance of your table by letting you change the cell padding, alignment, width, and height. If you go to the advanced settings, you are able to change things such as the color and style of the table border along with the cell's background color. 

Agenda table settings

Adding an Image

To add an image, you must have a URL for it that contains the image source (.PNG, .JPG) to add the image, simply paste this URL into the corresponding field, add an alternative description, and be sure to select "Default" from the "Class" menu. The advanced settings let you make additional changes to the image by adding a border around it. 

Agenda adding an image