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A free account

LiveWebinar gives users the possibility to establish a free account. A free account is not only free but also lasts a lifetime. It represents a basic software setup suitable for personal meetings. While it has fewer features compared to paid plans, it comes at no cost and is yours forever – a perfect option to explore the tool for personal use.

With a free account, you can host meetings for up to 5 attendees with a 45-minute time limit. You can organize 1 live session and send email invitations - up to 20 every 24 hours. Additionally, you have access to a range of features including:

- Registration forms

- Tests, Polls, Surveys

- Whiteboard

- YouTube Player

- Vimeo Player

- Call-to-Action

The FREE plan gives you a chance to test the basic configuration of the LiveWebinar platform. There’s no credit card required to set up a FREE account. We don’t restrict you with a testing period either. Once set up, you’ll receive access to a FREE lifetime account. 

Ready to get started? Set up your free account here.

To see more options and features available with paid plans, go here.