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Share Menu and Features

The share menu gives you access to the features that LiveWebinar offers for your plan. Based on the plan you have and the add-ons you’ve purchased, your feature menu may look different. 


To access the share menu, you can click the + (plus) icon in the upper left corner of the content window or click “Open Share Menu”. Here are the features the content menu can offer: 

  1. Tests and Surveys – conduct tests and surveys for your attendees. 
  2. YouTube Player – play videos from YouTube by inserting the proper links. 
  3. Whiteboard – use different pens and shapes to take notes, draw on documents, and more. 
  4. Share Screen – share your screen with attendees (you can share your entire screen or just a specific tab or window). 
  5. Call to Action – create a customized call to action to share with your attendees. 
  6. Storage – access your account storage to share documents, presentations, and other materials. 
  7. Presence Manager – send messages to attendees to make sure that they’re paying attention during the event. 
  8. Breakout Rooms – divide your attendees into different rooms. 
  9. Brightcove Player – play videos from the Brightcove player. 
  10. Vote Manager – hold real-time voting with your attendees and see the results onscreen.  
  11. Vimeo Player – play videos from Vimeo. 
  12. Broadcast to Social Media – broadcast your event to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. 
  13. Live Streaming – live stream your event with the help of external streaming software. 
  14. Decisions – create a question that’s open to voting for all attendees. 
  15. Branding – brand your room with your own colors and upload your own logo. 
  16. Closed Captioning – turn on closed captioning for your event. 
  17. Spotlightr – play videos from Spotlightr. 


How to Add a Content Tab 

You can have more than one content tab open, and you can switch between them during your event. Simply click the ‘+’ icon next to the current tab and select the feature you’d like to access next.