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How to Create Sub-Accounts

1. To create a sub-account, head to the sub-account tab under the main LiveWebinar menu. From there,
click “Add new user”.

LiveWebinar dashboard
2. On the new user page, you can edit all the necessary information for the account – the most important
things to add here are the sub-account’s email, username, and password. Without this information,
the sub-account user will not be able to log into their account.

LiveWebinar dashboard
3. All sub-accounts will be assigned to the free package. If you wish, you may then upgrade it to a higher
4. To manage and check your existing sub-accounts go to the “Sub-accounts” menu. If edits need to be
made to the account or if it must be deleted or disabled, simply click the cog icon in the account
information bar. 

LiveWebinar dashboard

If you want to manage them, here's more info!