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How to start live streaming

To start livestreaming, you first need to create a webinar room and enter it. There, in the dashboard, you'll find options that will allow you to stream your content. 

This option can be found in the Share Menu, click “Open Share Menu” in the content window or the “+”icon in the upper left of the content window to start. 

Select “Live Streaming” from the list. 

The window of the Live Streaming feature looks like the screenshot below:

1. Server URL – Paste this URL into your external streaming software.
2. Client Key - Paste this client key into your external streaming software.
3. 360 Stream – If you have a camera that supports 360 video streaming you can enable it by selecting
this option.
4. Add Source – By clicking this you add a second, third, fourth, etc source, and are given corresponding
client keys.
5. Remove Last Source – Removes the last source that you added.
6. Start Streaming – Click to begin streaming.
7. Close – Click here to close the Live Streaming window.