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What is the difference between Live Streaming and Broadcasting to Social Media?

Live Streaming HQ feature – this feature is for using additional equipment like professional cameras to stream your event to LiveWebinar Room.

With LiveStreaming you can publish an RTMP stream from anywhere you want and play it in the meeting room. For example, you can transfer offline conferences to the online world, you or you can send signals from several cameras to our platform.

With Live Streaming HQ, you can not only use professional cameras or software but also stream a 360-degree video stream (if your camera supports these actions).

Live Streaming (HQ video inputs) is available in the custom plan or may be added to your current plan by purchasing add-ons.

Learn more about live streaming here.

The Social Media Broadcast – allows broadcasting from LiveWebinar Room to Social Media Platforms and External sources.

This option allows you to stream high-quality video and sound to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo at the same time. Broadcasting to FB/YT/other platforms does not affect participants in the room or room capacity.

You can also send your RTMP signal to platforms like Open Broadcast Software or ReStream.

Possible setups with LiveWebinar Live Streaming/Broadcast features:

  • Webcam -> vMix -> LiveWebinar -> RTMP
  • Webcam -> vMix -> LiveWebinar -> YT/Facebook/Vimeo

You can use several cameras during live streaming. We have already supported many big events with even more than 5 professional cameras. You can use OBS software to stream a live event to our platform.

To learn more about broadcasting, check the manual here.

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