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Where to find my webinar statistics?

Welcome to the user panel of the LiveWebinar.com platform. Our tool provides an advanced reporting and statistical analysis option for the events that you host using our platform. To view and analyze your previous reports, please follow the instruction below:

In the main menu located on the left side, select the "Statistics and Reports" tab.

Expand all available options.

Select the sub-tab "Summary". You will see a new screen that shows the history of all the events that you've hosted on the LiveWebinar.com platform.

Find the event that interests you from the list, then click on the button on the right side of the screen that displays the number of completed sessions.

You will be redirected to the statistics and reports summary panel. Here, you have access to crucial information in an accessible way that you can easily analyze.

From the drop-down list at the top of the screen, you can select a specific session of the event. Remember, one event may consist of several sessions.

Further down the screen, you will find general information about the meeting, such as its name, ID, URL, start date, declared duration, time zone, and additional information such as whether the room had a registration form and how it was tagged.

On the right, you can generate detailed reports in PDF or XLSX format, the latter being a spreadsheet format.

As you scroll down, you will notice areas like "Meeting Content", which contains information about the content and files that were displayed during your webinar.

You also have the option to review the chat history, check feedback and ratings from participants regarding how they liked your event, access recordings, as well as download information about the tests and surveys you conducted during your event.

An interesting part of the summary is the section where you obtain information about the actual duration of the session, total number of attendees, average time spent by a participant on your event, and a graphical representation of what devices your participants used.

Furthermore, it also shows the countries and even cities your participants connected from during your broadcast.


One of the key elements of the summary is a graph displaying the number of meeting participants over time. Depending on how you organize your event and its appeal, you can expect the number of participants to increase over time, reach a peak, and then likely start to decrease as the event concludes.

The last two parts of the statistics and report summary provide information about the participants - their names, email addresses, locations, the time they spent during the event, and the number of times they entered the event.

The final element is a list and summary of people registered for the meeting. Remember, you can download both the list of participants and the list of registered individuals in CSV format.

We hope that thanks to our summary, you will be able to draw important conclusions regarding the events you host, which will help you grow your business and increase the effectiveness of your webinars.

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