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What’s the difference between Registration & Leads forms?

A lead form is an optional tool whose parameters are defined by the host for the purpose of collecting data from an event’s participants. It will appear on the screen of all attendees before entering the room, and you can use it to collect contact information from your webinar’s attendees and build your client base that way.

On the other hand, enabling a registration form requires all users to provide the data you ask for. By filling out the registration form, these participants will receive a unique login URL to join the webinar, and the host of the event will be able to communicate with them directly before the beginning of the event.

Applying a registration form to a given room will give you direct access to the list of registered users (this can be found in the main menu under “Registered Users”), from which you can also remove attendees who registered. When a user is removed from this list, their personal login URL expires.

Note: Only one form can be used at a time. If both forms are enabled for your event, only the registration form will be shown.