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External storage/FTP

An Amazon S3 cloud storage or FTP server may be used for storing webinar recordings. Eachtime a new webinar event recording is created it will be automatically uploaded to S3 cloudstorage or a FTP server of your choice. Note that when editing your recordings with the built-in audio/video editor to make a copy of the original recording since saving any changes whileediting will overwrite the original file.

Storage and Recording storage are two separate things. Recording storage is only for yourLiveWebinar recordings and are counted separately from your Storage area which is for storingyour files and folders you upload. Recording storage is measured in hours.

You can manually download your recordings to your desktop and there is also a settings optionunder your account where you can connect your AWS S3 storage or FTP server. Whencompleted, LiveWebinar will automatically upload your recordings to your storage area in thecloud.