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How to enable the function of Presence Manager?

To enable the function of Presence Manager, go to the main Dashboard in your meeting room and select "Presence Manager" from the list in the shared Menu.      

1. Check-in Message - a message that will appear in the pop-up on the participant's

2. Random pop-up every - point the range of time the pop up should appear.

3. Auto close after - define the duration of the pop up on the attendee screen.

4. Play audio notification - you can turn on the audio notification for the attendee.

5. Auto-log out after – you can decide if you want to log out the attendee due to his
inactivity. You can define after how many inactivities the participant will be logged

6. Receivers - determine who is going to receive your message: Attendees, Host or Presenter.

7. Activate – turn on the Presence Manager.

8. Close.