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Basics of the LiveWebinar x PabblyConnect Integration


The LiveWebinar REST Webhooks (PabblyConnect) interface allows you to quickly and easily send information about newly created rooms, registered attendees, sessions, new sub-accounts, and recordings.  

Thanks to the new REST Webhooks function, you have access to the intuitive and easy-to-use REST interface. The interface makes integration with our API much easier, and also reduces time lost on reading manuals and other documentation. 

In which situations should you use REST Webhooks? 

  • In situations where you want to create multiple types of automations with LiveWebinar,
  • If you’d like to integrate LiveWebinar with another platform with the help of RESTWebhooks,
  • If you want to decrease the number of requests to the server and optimize communication between LiveWebinar’s API and another application. 

To learn more about this integration, check out the manual here, or watch this tutorial on the PabblyConnect YouTube channel about integrating LiveWebinar with Google Sheets.