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Is LiveWebinar HIPPA compliant?

LW is mostly HIPPA compliant, the data transmitted is encrypted in an end-to-end configuration but is not 100% compliant because the stored files are not encrypted on the disks, but the access to them is secured.

HIPPA standard is available with the enterprise, and White Label offers.

Set-up fees start usually from $2000, (one-time payment). There is a maintenance fee of $500/month plus HIPPA documentation and monitoring: $500/month ($1000/month in total) which includes:

  • stacked load balancers 

  • encrypted storage

  • account manager

  • maintenance

Finally, the service fee depends on the features you choose and the White Label model you are looking for (reseller or internal use).

The service fee can be as low as $1 per plan, depending on volume and settings up to $1000 per plan per month.

There is a minimum service fee that depends individually per each integration (depends on set-up, the planned volume, etc).