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How do I start a live transcription as an attendee?

If you are a participant of a webinar or meeting on the LiveWebinar platform, you can launch the Closed Captioning (live transcription) option by clicking on the "Closed Captioning" icon in the navigation menu at the top of the screen. 

When you select this option, a configuration window will appear.  

In this window you can: 

- Activate closed captioning (live transcriptions) 

- Select the language into which the text is to be transcribed 

- Customize the appearance of captions

Once the configuration is complete, press the cross in the upper right corner of the Closed Captioning settings window. 

LiveWebinar interface


LiveWebinar closed captioning


LiveWebinar Language select

LiveWebinar apply changes


Maciej Biegajewski
Maciej Biegajewski

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