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How to integrate Landingi with LiveWebinar?

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In order to be able to create effective landing pages for your webinars, you must have an account at Landingi.com.  

How to integrate Landingi with LiveWebinar?

1. First, create a webinar room on the LiveWebinar platform and assign a corresponding registration form to it. The registration form should have the same fields as the form that will be displayed on the landing page (on the Landingi.com creator). You can read more about how to create registration forms in LiveWebinar here 

LiveWebinar dashboard

2. Once your event is ready, you can proceed to build your landing page using the creator on the Landingi.com platform.  To do this, log in to Landingi.com and from the user panel select CREATE NEW LANDING PAGE. If you have an existing landing page on this site, you can also use the duplicate function 

Landingi dashboard

4. After ad
ding a sign-up form to your project, click and open its settings 

Landingi interface

5. Next, go to the Integrations tab and select the LiveWebinar logo from the list of available applications  


Landingi integrations

Landingi dashboards

6. In the next step, you will need to connect Landingi.com with your account on the LiveWebinar platform. To do this, click the Add new connection button and confirm your decision 

Landingi integrations

7. Now you can select from the list of webinars the one you want to link data from the landing page form with. 

Landingi integrations

8. Remember to properly match the fields from the form available on Landigi.com and the one assigned to the event on the LiveWebinar.com platform. 

Landingi integrations

9. If everything is configured successfully, you can click Save and close. 

Landingi integrations

LiveWebinar interface