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Connecting a Form to Hubspot

A Hubspot integration allows you to instantly send leads from your registration form to your Hubspot CRM. The leads collected during registration will automatically appear in your Hubspot list, and their profiles will include all the information (email, phone number, company, etc.) you gathered with the help of your registration form.

1. Once LiveWebinar and Hubspot are connected, you can add your registration form to Hubspot’s CRM. Next, go to “Contacts” and select “Lists”.

2. If there is no existing list, click on “Create list”.

3. Give your list a name, and then select “Contact based” or “Company based”, depending on the type of leads you want to collect. Then, select “Active list”, and click “Next”.

4. Add at least one filter and select “Save list”. (In this case, we selected “Contact Properties”  “Contact Information”  “Email”  “Is known”).

5. Go back to LiveWebinar. Create a room and create a new registration form. In this example, we’ll collect information such as first and last names, company name, and phone number. Make sure when creating your registration form, the placeholder and field type correspond with each other, like in the screenshot below.

6. Scroll down, and toggle on the “Marketing Automation Integration” feature, and then click on “Add Next Integration”. From the dropdown list, select Hubspot, select the list you created earlier (in the previous section), and select the “Field Mapping” option.

7. Next, map the fields together in the way shown in the screenshot below.

8. Once you click the “Update” button, you will be able to test the integration from the user’s side. All you need to do is copy the attendee link to the event, paste and open it in an incognito tab in your browser. The information from the form should appear in Hubspot’s CRM list.