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Do evergreen webinars count as concurrent sessions?

Evergreen webinars are automated events (mostly pre-recorded videos) that may run multiple times without your interference. Evergreen webinars are made for helping you to automate your webinar marketing efforts. Concurrent sessions refer to live webinars. If you're planning to schedule your live webinar at the same time as Evergreen webinar, your evergreen will be counted as an additional concurrent session.

However, there are some exceptions when evergreen won't be treated as an extra concurrent session. If you set Just-in-time evergreen (open all the time) and use Permanent room for your live event, you'll be able to run both events at the same time.

#1 Example: An account with a limit of 3 evergreen webinars and 1 live session can run 3 evergreen webinars (just-in-time) and have a Permanent room open at the same time. 

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