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How to tokenize my webinar?

Setting up the event and assigning the Tokens

1. Setting up the event

Once you’re logged into your LiveWebinar account, click through to the Rooms / Events tab. 

Then, use the “Schedule webinar” button for a new event. Give your webinar a name and schedule it at a preferred time.

You can also click on the three dots on the right hand side and to modify the existing event. Next, click on the “Edit” button with a cogwheel next to it.

2. Enabling the tokens

Once you’re in the “Basic settings” dashboard, click over to “Security”.

You should then be able to see the “Account event tokens” submenu.

LiveWebinar DashboardThere are three options you can customise:

- Name - This is the name of the Access tokens batch you are currently setting up.

- Number of tokens - Total token number is capped at a maximum of 300 separate codes.

- Expiration time - If you want to constrain the time window in which the attendee may use their token. You can turn this option on, and off.

Once you have selected your preferred settings, click “Create” to proceed.

3. Managing the tokens

You should now see a different layout. “Account event tokens” is now replaced with a Token management dashboard. 

LiveWebinar DashboardIn order to manage the tokens, make sure to click the “manage them” link highlighted in blue.


This will redirect you to the “Events tokens” submenu in the “Registration” tab.

Here you can see all your tokens in one place. 

LiveWebinar dashboard

To modify them, click the three dots on the right hand side.

For future reference - you can always access the token data under this submenu.


There are four options for you to select:

3.1. Edit - Add a name and expiration time to your tokens.

LiveWebinar dashboard Here, you can also assign them to a particular event. 

LiveWebinar dashboard3.2. Download - Export all of your token codes into a .csv file

3.3. Tokens - Look up your tokens, check their creation date, expire or delete them

LiveWebinar dashboard3.4 Delete - A straightforward way of deleting the entire batch of tokens.


Remember, if you need any further help or guidance, our Customer Support can be found here!