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How many speakers can appear on the screen in relation to the viewer limits? 

Category: Capacity & Limits

How many people can register for my event?

There are no registration limits for the number of people who can register for your event. 

If your room has reached its maximum capacity, any participants attempting to join will receive a notification that the room is full. 


What is the largest room capacity I can have on my account?

In regular LiveWebinar packages, the maximum number of participants is 1000. 

For Enterprise plans, the maximum number of participants is 1500 (when the audience is listening to a speaker with active audio and video) and up to 3000 viewers when they will be watching an RTMP stream sent to the webinar room.  


Session Limits 

The maximum amount of participants who can watch a session is subject to change. This number depends on the number of speakers on the screen, as shown on the list below. 

1 speaker : 1500 viewers (including screenshare) 
2 speakers : 750 viewers (including 1 speaker and 1 screenshare) 
3 speakers : 500 viewers 
4 speakers : 300 viewers 
5 spekaers : 300 viewers 
6 speakers : 250 viewers 
7 speakers : 210 viewers 
8 speakers : 185 viewers 
9 speakers : 165 viewers 
10 speakers : 150 viewers 

For best stability during an event, we recommend a maximum of 25 speakers, as more than that can contribute to a decrease in audio-video quality and overall stability of the entire video conference. 

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