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How to enable Call to Action?

What is a Call to Action?

Call to Action (CTA) is a functionality that gives you the possibility to interact with your audience in an immediate way.

In order to enable CTAs it in the room, open the “+” menu in the top left corner of the content window and pick the option “Call to Action”.

You can create multiple CTAs and use them when you need. They will appear on the list of available CTAs. To activate a previously created CTA, click “Send”, or to create a new one, click “Add new”. The “Actions” button enables you to either edit, copy or delete the given CTA.

To create a new CTA click “Add new”, and the “Create call to action” window will appear.

Here is a short rundown of what you’ll see in the window:

  1. Advanced Settings – here you’ll find more options for creating your CTA,
  2. Title – name your CTA,
  3. Message – this is where you can simply type in the message which you wish to be displayed,
  4. View message for – this is the time that you wish your message to be visible for,
  5. Enable Call to action button – a toggle where you can enable a button with a hidden link in it.
  6. Button text – the message displayed on the button,
  7. Action link – a link that will redirect participants when they press the CTA button,
  8. Back button – closes the window. Made changes won’t be saved.
  9. Preview – by choosing this option, you can check what your CTA will look like,
  10. Save – saves the CTA, which will be ready to use in the room,
  11. Attaching a photo – this is where you can attach a photo/logo/add banner to your CTA,
  12. Send a call to action – Choose target group: all, attendees, hosts & presenters or custom.  

Here is what you’ll see in the Advanced Settings.

  1. Basic options – sends you back to the basic CTA menu,
  2. Play sound – enable a sound during the CTA,
  3. Use blend – this option lets you blur the screen of the background,
  4. Content position – changes the position of the CTA on the screen.