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How to embed LiveWebinar meeting room on my website?

Every room in the details has an "Embed Code" button. After pressing it, you can download a simple JavaScript code that you paste on your website. The Embed Code can also be parameterized in a few ways (i.e. passing nickname or avatar file URL, changing roles). You can use it as a simple integration so your webinars can be directly hosted on your website instead of livewebinar.com/my-room.

Read the Embed Code manual here.

In all plans, we provide a small JavaScript code that you can copy and paste to your webpage (it works similarly to what you do with a Google Analytics code). This code then inserts your webinar room on that page. If the webinar has registration forms are enabled, they will also be displayed there.

Where to get the code:

1. Log into your LiveWebinar dashboard and choose the event you'd like to embed or create a new one and navigate to the details page (click on the calendar icon or choose the “Details” option in the menu to the right of the selected event).

LiveWebinar dashboard

3. In the top right corner of the page, you will see an orange "(i) Embed" button.

LiveWebinar dashboard

4. Copy the code or send it to your frontend developer. Paste it to your page HTML and check the results.

LiveWebinar dashboard


This way you can host your webinars at https://yourdomain.com/my-webinar instead of https://livewebinar.com/my-webinar.

This is a very strong alternative to the CNAME/White Label-based solution which is more complicated and costs extra money. The Embed Code is already included in all plans.

We have customers that use the Embed Code for very easy integrations as the code is the same for all the rooms, and you can set up a dynamic room name.

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