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Does LiveWebinar offer a CNAME solution for non-enterprise users?

We do not have a “smaller” CNAME solution not intended for resellers or distributors and we are do not plan to have it (because of the Embed Codes and because of our Enterprise offer).

LiveWebinar in all AppSumo and regular plans gives you the Embed Code option, which allows you to host a webinar under your domain, for example, yourdomain.com/my-webinar (a Friendly URL name is covered by this option). The Embed Code is already available in your plan, all you need to do is copy and paste the JavaScript code to your website. Read the manual about the Embed Code feature here


As for the Embed Code, we have customers that use it for very easy integrations as the code is the same for all the rooms you can:

Create a branding template, and make it the default to your account, so all your rooms will use it (small footer powered by will be only shown - made with love by LiveWebinar). To learn more about the Branding Tool, read the manual here.

Set up your page the way you have a dynamic room name in it:


Every time someone enters the room you grab that "dynamic-room-name" and i.e. over API get a webinar ID (123-123-123) and you put that webinar ID into that embed code, in the options section '_license key': '123-123-123'. Once done, all of your webinars are always hosted on your domain, are almost 100% custom branded, excluding the "Made with love by LiveWebinar" footer. This is a proven action and you don't need to pay for it - already all plans have it.

Support will help you with all API requests (if needed), if you need to get in touch: [email protected]