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Branding Tool - Frequently Asked Questions

Which elements of my webinar room can I change with the branding tool?

The branding tool allows you to customize font colors, tool bar colors, content window and side bar backgrounds, and add logos to your meeting room and forms.


Is it possible to have more than one template to my room?

Yes! You can add multiple templates.


Who can brand the room?

The host, presenter, or owner of the account is able to brand the room.


When can I use the branding tool?

Use the branding tool before your meeting – it can come in handy whenever you want to reinforce your brand. You can also easily create them before hand to prepare your meeting room. By customizing your room, you can create an experience for your attendees that is cohesive with the rest of your company’s visual identity.


Can I add my website link to the customized logo?

At the moment it is not possible to add your website link to the custom logo for all packages, this option exists only for Enterprise plans.


How do I remove the “Made with ♥ by LiveWebinar” logo?

This service is only available in the Enterprise solution. Contact our sales team to find out more.


Is it possible to customize more than just my webinar room?

With standard packages, only the webinar room and widget forms can be customized. It’s possible to personalize all aspects of your LiveWebinar account with the Enterprise package. This can be done by adding your own JavaScript and CSS to your room and/or account, and you can also personalize the user panel, look of the emails sent from the account, reminders, and registration confirmations. To learn more about Enterprise options, click here.


To learn more about the Branding Tool, click here!

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