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Pixelation, glitches and poor video quality.

There are numerous of things that affect the video quality as we use a combination of perceptual codecs that allow us to achieve the highest possible video quality.

Pixelation is caused by the camera itself and your participants will see the same view. There is a 200-400Kbit/s reserved for camera feed and the codec used is adaptive, which means it has to fit that 200-400Kbit/s bandwidth. For example, if you move fast, that means most of the video area changes and codecs have to send a lot of data. That causes reducing the video quality of the camera itself. All participants will see the same.

Higher FPS will help for improving the quality of your videos, but please keep in mind that LiveWebinar is not software for streaming movies. For example, if you want to play a YouTube movie in Full HD in a room and maximize it so it will fill the entire screen, there will be a degradation in video quality because the recorded movie will be lagging.