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How to enable Picture-in-Picture?

If you’re showing something in the content window but still want participants to see you, you can use the picture in picture feature.

1. To activate this option, you must first expand the Audio and Video window into the content window by clicking the icon with two arrows at the top of the Audio and Video window.

Picture in picture 1

2. Next, open a new content tab by clicking the + icon – this can be a presentation, a video, or the whiteboard. Once you have an open content tab, your camera stream will be visible as a floating window.

Picture in picture 2

3. Your attendees can move it around or adjust as they like. To exit the Picture in Picture option you can either close the content tab clicking the small (x) or click the cog icon visible in the floating window and select “Collapse Video”.


To learn more about LiveWebinar's Audio and Video, check out the manual here.