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How to achieve the green screen effect?

The Virtual Backgrounds feature lets you change your background as you like. You can set your background to a photo preset by LiveWebinar, a photo you upload yourself, or you can add a blur to your background. 

You'll find this feature in the Audio and Video settings (the cog icon), and by clicking "Virtual Backgrounds".

Virtual Backgrounds 1

You can select a preset background, blur your background, or upload your own photo (click "Upload Your Background"). By opening the Advanced Settings, the feature also lets you add a filter to your camera stream. To return to your original background, click "No Effects".

Virtual Backgrounds

Please note that you can also add your own background picture by clicking on upload your background button. Minimum size of the image is 640px x 360px and maximum is 1280px x 720px.

To learn more about this feature, you can read the manual by clicking here.

You can also achieve the green screen effect with the help of an internal or external camera and a special virtual camera software such as ManyCam, which allows putting different layers/effects on the camera view.


The virtual backgrounds feature is written the coding languages used by browsers. Due to the fact that the feature is based on a neural network that has to analyze the image in real-time as it moves, there can be occasional lags and delays in the way the stream appears.