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I have an echo in my video calls, how do I eliminate it?

Category: Audio & Video

  • If you are using external speakers, place the speakers away from the laptop microphone and turn down the volume to a comfortable level.
  • If you have external microphones, move the microphone about a foot away from the speakers. 
  • Avoid typing on an unmuted microphone, and step back from the laptop when using hands-free mode. 
  • Reduce the microphone volume level by 50% or less, and reduce or turn off the microphone boost option.
  • Don’t keep your microphone too close to you as it can generate extra noise and clutter.
  • Some computers have an echo cancellation feature, but it could be compromised on a high CPU load. Closing a few processes will help enable that feature.
  • If none of these options is successful, use a headset or headphones instead of speakers. This is the easiest way to get rid of an echo.
  • Again – make sure there is no noise around. You may not find some noises disturbing, but they can greatly degrade your audio quality.