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What’s Appsumo LTD plan?

The AppSumo LTD (Lifetime Deal) plan is an exclusive deal offered by AppSumo – Digital Marketplace for Entrepreneurs via website: https://appsumo.com/products/livewebinar/ only in the time when the campaign is active.  

The campaigns were run in September 2019 to January 2020, from October 2021 to December 2021 and in April 2023.  

The Appsumo LTD can be accessed by redeeming codes purchased from AppSumo website only. Users can redeem their codes from 1 to 10 maximum using website:  https://livewebinar.com/appsumo  

AppSumo LiveWebinar login screen

Codes from 1-5 unlock the following plans: 

1 code: AppSumo 100 

2 codes: AppSumo 200 

3 codes: AppSumo 300 

4 codes: AppSumo 400 

5 codes: AppSumo 500 

Codes from 6-10 can be replaced with 2 additional concurrent sessions.