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What are add-ons, and how can I purchase them?

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are additional features that can be purchased at any time for PRO and BUSINESS plans after purchasing a package. They allow you to expand your account, e.g. with an additional number of participants, concurrent sessions, or additional storage capacity (just to name a few).

How can I purchase add-ons?

To access the add-on panel, open your profile menu, go to “Billing”. To purchase add-ons, first, you must enter the payment method you’ll use to pay for the add-ons. You can pay either by card or PayPal. 

After entering your payment details, go to the add-ons tab and select the add-on you want to purchase. Buying add-ons such as break-out rooms, concurrent sessions, additional recording hours, additional participants, or additional storage space, is done by selecting a specific package on the slider. Other add-ons, such as broadcasting to social media, language interpreters, HQ live streaming, phone bridge, friendly URLs, or recording editor can be purchased by selecting the given feature.

Buying add-ons

As you select add-ons, the total cost will be recalculated. To finalize your cart, click “Buy Add-ons”. After you have checked all the details in your purchase summary, accept the payment, and your transaction will be initiated.  

Buying add-ons


How can I purchase add-ons in the legacy billing system?

If you are part of the legacy billing system, purchasing add-ons will work a little differently. If you want to learn more about the legacy billing system click here. To get started, open your profile menu in the upper right of your window, and click on "Subscription". 

Add-ons legacy buying

Once in the Subscription and Billing tab, go to the Add-ons tab. Here you will see the add-ons you've previously purchased, and the ones that are available for purchase. You can select the add-ons you want to buy by selecting the quantity from the drop-down menu, or by toggling the option on.

The cost of the add-ons will be automatically calculated. Once you've selected the add-ons you want to purchase, click "Continue".

Add-ons legacy buying

This will take you to the payment screen where you will be asked to input your billing and payment details before proceeding. Once you have input your information, click on "Subscribe" and the add-on will be added to your account.

Add-ons legacy buying