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Account Assistants - Frequently Asked Questions

LiveWebinar’s account assistant feature provides you with a helping hand when you need it. Assistants are users who have partial access to your account and its resources. They can plan and create events and upload materials to the account’s storage. Each assistant has their own login under your account, so they do not use your login credentials.

To assign new Assistants you need to enter your Profile Settings. Each Assistant will get their own personal login:

[email protected]#AssistantLogin.

Your Assistants won't be able to change your profile/billing settings or manage other Assistants. This feature is included in AppSumo 300/400/500 LTD Plans (1, 2, or 3 Assistants).

To learn more about this feature, check out the manual here.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about this feature:

What is an account assistant, what do they do?

Think of an account assistant as a second administrator for your account. The account assistants feature lets you give access to your account and its resources without needing to give the assistants your password. They can access your storage, create events, and even add sub-accounts and presenter profiles!


When an account assistant accesses the main account, what can they control?

Assistants can access nearly every part of the admin’s account, except for the first admin’s profile, and billing settings. They also cannot manage other assistants.


Do all accounts have assistants, or do I have to pay for this feature?

Account assistants feature is available for users of the PRO, BUSINESS, and CUSTOM packages, along with AppSumo users with 300, 400, and 500 room capacity. The number of account assistants you can have depends on your plan. See the table below for information:

Plan FREE PRO/AppSumo 300 BUSINESS/AppSumo 400 CUSTOM/AppSumo 500
No. of Assistants - 1 2 3


What’s the difference between account assistants and sub-accounts?

Account assistants have access to almost all parts of the admin’s account and can create events, invite participants and assign roles. Sub-accounts are separate accounts that both the admin account and account assistant have access to, and both admin and assistant accounts can share files from their storage with them, as well as create, edit or delete sub-accounts, and share files.


When can having an account assistant be useful?

The main role of an account assistant is to lend a helping hand – they can help you plan events and ensure that they run as smoothly as possible. For example, in the case that you’re hosting a large event with more than one room, your account assistants can also create the rooms, add agendas and send out invitations to participants.


I’ve added an account assistant, but I can’t see them in my profile. What happened?

Be sure that you’ve filled out all the starred fields – if some fields are left blank, the profile will not appear in your account, and the assistant profile will not be created.


Do account assistants count as part of the attendee limit?

No, account assistants do not contribute to the number of attendees in an event. For example, your room has a limit of 100 attendees, and you have 100 attendees present at your event - if an account assistant joins the room, they will not be counted as an attendee, keeping the number of participants at 100. Likewise, presenters and moderators do not contribute to the number of people in the room.