How to Craft a Perfect Webinar Script (+ Free Template)

With the right webinar script template, you can take your webinar to a brand new level! Check our ideas.

Webinars are a powerful tool for generating leads for your digital marketing strategy. But in order for webinars to fulfill their role, they must include a few necessary elements. That's why you need a webinar script. 

You're probably wondering how to build it, what elements it should have and why you need it so badly. Rest assured, today we'll go over all that and introduce you to some webinar script template!

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What is a webinar script?

A webinar script is nothing more than a webinar outline prepared in advance that describes what you plan to convey during your meeting. It can be more or less developed. 

The most important stages that should be included in it are:

  • introduction
  • the main content - for example, written out in bullet points
  • conclusion

It doesn't matter how complicated the topic of your live webinar or pre-recorded presentation is, as a good webinar script provides the presenter with this type of help so that the message can be effectively delivered. Even though scripts may vary depending on the type of webinar, their purpose remains the same.

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Why do you need a webinar script?

You may be wondering if you really need a webinar script. After all, it's just another thing to wrap up before the webinar starts. But trust us, such a script can save your speech, and it's not necessarily hard to draft.

In general, a script helps to organize and maintain the quality of a presentation. Such a script will help you stick to the webinar slides, convey everything you want to say on the webinar, and not forget any element. 

It can also indicate the time for questions, show how to navigate during the meeting (such as when to show the screen, link participants to a specific website, or invite prelegents to speak), and explain how to start another discussed topic.

Imagine that someone interrupted your presentation by asking a question. After answering it, you forget where you left off and start getting confused and stressed out about the statement. This situation can be avoided just by having a webinar script at hand.

What's more, scripts allow you to keep your presentation on a high level, as they will provide all the necessary information. If you don’t like public speaking, it’s not entirely safe to rely on improvisation and spontaneity. You may then be more likely to make various mistakes, and this will affect the overall perception of the webinar and affect the image of your online events. Therefore, creating a webinar script is not only a good idea but also a necessity. 

Without proper planning, it's easy to get off track. And we doubt that's your goal.

How to write a webinar script?

The ideal script should include a webinar introduction, main content, and an appropriate conclusion. But there are more elements you should pay attention to.

To write a webinar script, you will need a note-taking tool or a classic notepad. However, we recommend you use an online tool so you can easily make changes and edit the file. Open a Google Doc, for example, or Microsoft Word. Then, according to what you have on your webinar presentation, create your script. To make it easier, here are some points you can include in your document. 

#1 Introduction

First, remember to make the good introduction. Your webinar introduction script should include welcoming your guests, thanking them for coming, introducing yourself and your company, and providing other key information, like webinar goals. You should also explain how your webinar will address your audience's pain points. As a result, your webinar content will be more relevant and raise audience engagement. 

#2 Agenda

Every perfect webinar script template has agenda section. Here, you usually briefly and concisely discuss the parts of your webinar and its various stages. You can provide a table of contents and end this part, but you can also tell in two - three sentences what each part will focus on. This way everyone will know what to expect from the topics discussed. However, remember that it shouldn't take you too long to discuss the agenda, as you have limited time, so try to keep it brief.

#3 The Purpose

For a smooth entry into the core of the webinar, start by introducing the purpose of the presentation and tell what made you want to hold the webinar. Maybe it's a response to growing market demand? Or your team members’ personal stories? Or maybe you and your team have observed changes taking place in a particular field and want to discuss them with a wider audience? Well, by discussing the webinar topic more frankly, your successful webinar can benefit you even more.

#4 Content

After such a brief overview of the purpose of the meeting, you move on to presenting the educational content. This part is usually the most important in webinar scripts. The idea is not to write down your entire speech word by word, but to write out those most important topics that you can't forget. 

That's why webinar presenters either use bullets for this purpose, or write a concise note with main points in which they highlight the most important topics. So it doesn't matter whether you are conducting live webinars or automated webinars, you can either use these two options or choose the one that appeals to you more.

#5 Conclusion

Example webinar script templates also have a summary. In this section, the most important thing is to remind you once again of the most important topics covered so that you make sure your target audience remembers them. Such a summary element is essential in a webinar structure, because even if someone was late to the beginning of the webinar, they will now know what they missed and will be able to fill in their notes with the missing elements.

#6 Q&A section

And finally, it's time for a brief feedback session. Once you've gone through all the webinar slides and the guest speakers have finished their roles, you can invite eager questions. In this way, you will clear up any doubts, answer any nagging questions and make sure that key ideas and news have reached the audience. Such a feedback session will be the icing on the cake of the entire webinar. And at the end, you can include a strong call to action and thank the audience once again for participating in the event.

A perfect webinar script template for your online event

As we mentioned earlier, one script for the perfect webinar template may not work for everyone. This is because you can run automated or live webinars with different webinar content. However, we'll give show you a webinar script template you can use for your webinars and share with any guest speaker.


Good morning everyone. Thank you very much for your attendance and your time. My name is [your name] and as a member of [your company], I will be conducting an incredibly interesting webinar today on [webinar title]. 

At the end of this webinar, you will [benefits of attending the webinar, e.g. you will be aware of the changes that are taking place in the job market]. Our meeting will last about [time] and will end with a Q&A session.


Today's webinar consists of [number of topics]. We will be discussing topics such as [table of contents]. I will briefly discuss what will be included in each step. At the beginning [...], then [...], and finally I will discuss [...].

The purpose

But before I get to the main part, I would like to point out the purpose of our meeting - [brief description of the purpose of the meeting]. This topic is discussed because [what prompted you to talk about this topic].

Main content

  • Slide 1 - main ideas
  • Slide 2 - main ideas
  • etc.


In today's webinar, we covered topics such as [topics discussed]. After discussing all the information, we can conclude that [conclusions]. Additionally, it is important to remember that [key thoughts]. 


Thank you very much for your attention. Now it's time for questions, so if you want to know more, please use the chat window or ask a question by turning on your microphone. 

And that's how it can look. When you choose the perfect webinar platform and are comfortable in front of the camera, such a script will ensure that nothing will scare you anymore.

Over to you

Scripts are a great help in today's webinar world. They can boost your live events and as a result, sell products, generate more sales, boost your content marketing, or increase engagement activity. 

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So, if you want to achieve success, it's essential to put these scripts into practice. Just remember our tips, create the perfect script and increase sales for your next webinar!

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