The importance of videos in your webinar content strategy

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of the host of an event a presentation can lose the interest of attendees. However, there’s an easy fix for that! Videos are one of the best, and most engaging ways of sharing information with your audience. To learn more about incorporating videos in your webinar content strategy, check out this article!

Using a digital content strategy during a webinar might sound like a tautology. Isn’t it too much to run a broadcast and add an external film to it? Well, it depends on you and your participants’ preferences. Nevertheless, try to imagine this situation.

You’re sitting in the audience, listening to a presentation given by an expert. The topic is gripping, the examples are riveting, and the speaker is a great entrepreneur. However, the time files and you start to lose focus from time to time. Although the host tries to be as entertaining as possible, you take in less and less as the speech goes on.

If this can happen during a real-life event, how crucial is it to make your online presentation especially engaging? Read on to find out why including video materials in your digital content strategy can be a breakthrough.

The importance of videos in your webinar content strategy

Why are videos key to a gripping webinar presentation?

A lack of engagement can be a problem that turns even the most attractive presentation into a failure. We’ve already written how to create interaction during a webinar, they’re just one click away.

Visuals take over the writing

Embedding digital content strategy and videos into your online performances may become your secret weapon. With attention spans dropping, it's no secret that films are more attractive for an audience than other forms of presentation. As our culture is changing, we're living in the moment of the so-called pictorial turn. According to Graphics are gaining importance due to the necessity of data organization and the short time periods for which humans are able to focus. Even in short pieces of maximize customers’ engagement. Adding Instagram reels.

Combining the power of voice and visuals

Another major study concerns the increasing importance of voice and sounds. product reviews today.

Combining these two scientific theories with the fact that the average attention span is under 9 seconds, the conclusion suggests itself. optimized content. Watching even a short film involves a few senses, instead of just hearing or sight alone. That's why digital content strategy is so helpful. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why TikTok is the most popular smartphone app these days.

The importance of videos in your webinar content strategy

Pick a unique video and engage your audience

There are so many videos and digital content strategies out there to choose from that it might make your head spin. YouTube and Vimeo are just two examples of streaming platforms that you can use to enhance your webinar with exceptional a short break during an online course or a speech is crucial to keep you focused. Listening to a presentation uninterrupted for too long makes our body feel exhausted and even overstimulated. That's why entertaining the audience with short video clips made with one of them, 59% of senior executives said they would rather watch a video than read text when both are available, and that’s only one of many social listening to get to know your audience preferences.

To make the most of your webinar time, you can try to use some easy digital content strategies, like short clips as a so-called brain break that stimulates curiosity and gives a rest to participants at the same time, or also you can make videos related to your business presentation using a video maker for business. Keep in mind that the ordinary attendee stick rate, which varies from 45 minutes up to 1 hour.

The importance of videos in your webinar content strategy

Fill the presentation with examples

Depending on the topic it can sometimes be covered without using lots of special tools, but enriching the content is often more attractive for the attendees. Let’s imagine you have a speech about a particular theatre director. You could provide your participants with fundamental information, a bunch of insights, or even tell a gripping story. However, without showing them a specific example, your presentation would be incomplete.

What types of digital content strategies can you share to make your presentation more interesting?

  • You could embed a specific part of a film in the form of referral marketing, for example? Films are packed with cultural references to so many aspects of life. To visualize business presentations you might want to use parts of the movies “The Big Short” or “The Wolf of Wall Street”, etc. They don’t have to present experts’ opinions - some might just add a humorous touch.
  • TedTalks is a popular panel that consists of separate speeches focused on particular topics. The subjects vary from business and science to lifestyle and wellness. Most entrepreneurs are great at public speaking. That’s why enriching your own presentation with a short video from the TedTalks’ YouTube channel would allow you to dive deeper into a topic without tiring your attendees. If you’re looking for a success story to quote, these speeches are perfect for you.
  • A concept similar to TedTalks are lightning talks, which are short speeches that last up to five minutes. They are mostly focused on a specific part of a topic, presenting case studies on e.g. the magic of videos is simple. Focusing on moving images and a voiceover makes us less likely to become bored. When picking your NPS may therefore get lower.
  • A looooong loading time. It’s nothing new when videos take longer to load than we expected. If they aren’t loaded into the webinar platform in advance, the process might take even more time.
  • Low quality due to screen sharing. Sometimes the internet capacity has nothing to do with lousy video quality. The reason could be minimizing the webinar platform to go to a video streaming website.

The importance of videos in your webinar content strategy

Make video-sharing a piece of cake

These problems shouldn’t bother you. With LiveWebinar, you can forget about them all ever happening, and focus instead on achieving your business goals by implementing a digital content strategy and creating a robust webinar. So add content from YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove and Voo Player directly to your webinar space.

  • You’re able to display multiple videos, allowing your participants to interact with your broadcast and control the engagement.
  • To make the process smoother, you can search for step-by-step tutorials & manuals in which you can find out how to set up and use integrations with the most popular platforms.

    Incorporate videos into your inbound digital content strategy today

    Sometimes a presentation isn't complete without an enhancement. It's actually one of the overriding aspects to take care of in your webinar's digital content strategy and help you make money.

    Using videos during a webinar should be child’s play. Sharing should be fluent, high-quality, and happen simultaneously on every screen so that every participant sees the same content at the same time.

    LiveWebinar ticks all the boxes and offers you much more. Go to our handy integrations our team has prepared for you.

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