What Is a Webinar and How Does It Work

A webinar is an interactive, visually stimulating, engaging, and data-rich experience. It can be seen as an online presentation that provides both hosts and attendees with information in a way that is exciting and convenient manner. Webinars have the potential to create human connections on and about a significant subject, regardless of the location of the parties involved. They are excellent for sharing knowledge, updates and ideas, virtually.

Webinars have immense potential in the digitized world we live in today. They can be used for different purposes: eLearning, business meetings, lectures, conferences, building relationships, building brands or demonstrating how a product works. The list is endless. Webinars essentially allow you to hold interactions or presentations without having to meet physically.

What Is a Webinar and How Does It Work

How does a webinar work?

The first step is to schedule the webinar event. Start by creating an account on a webinar platform of your choosing such as LiveWebinar and use the dashboard to set the event's date, time and duration (more on this later). Depending on the platform you choose, your audience can join the webinar in at least two ways. They could join by downloading a small application when they register for the webinar. The second way is via a link that is sent to their email before the webinar begins. The next step is to create the content for the webinar. It must be relevant to the target market. After you must have done this, hosting the webinar is the next step, communication during live webinars involves you (the host) talking to the audience while sitting in front of a computer or a tablet. Interactive tools, such as polls and tests, whiteboards, and breakout rooms are used to show visual media to the participants in the webinar.

The participants of the webinar watch, listen and communicate via chats or discussions on the forum. Attendees are also allowed to speak when necessary. There might be distractions in the course of the presentation, but a good moderator can always handle them.

Attendees get to exchange questions and answers at the end of the webinar. Recordings of the webinar event are often made available to participants who could not attend the event.

You will need the following tools to host a webinar:

  • Webinar Platform: They could either be free or paid. Paid platforms offer many more features than the free versions.
  • Camera: This tool allows you to be seen by other participants in the webinar
  • Microphone: This tool allows you to talk to other participants in the webinar.
  • Internet Connection: Since this is an online event, great internet connection is probably the most critical requirement of a webinar. You need a great internet connection. Poor internet connection will frustrate you, and all the participants in the webinar.
What Is a Webinar and How Does It Work

Types of Webinars

  • Educational Webinars: These kinds of webinars are used to teach participants something. The aim is to add value by imparting some knowledge using visual aids such as pictures, charts, and videos which will help keep your audience learning and engaged.
  • Panel Webinars: This kind of webinar is a means of connecting with other professionals in a subject area. The idea of this kind of webinar is to get well-informed people to discuss a current trend or issue.
  • Interview Webinars: This is much like the interviews you see on TV. The difference is that not many presentations, if any, are required. The idea is to let the knowledgeable interviewee have a go at a subject they are familiar with.
  • Q&A Webinars: You will need a moderator to regulate and record the influx of questions. In Q&A webinars, direct interaction between the hosts and participants is critical. It requires the host answering questions being asked as fast as possible.
  • Keynote Webinars: This type of webinar consists of a speaker making a presentation to an audience of participants.

Webinars – a Mini FAQ

For people who have never been part of a webinar or hosted one, there still can be plenty of questions on their minds about webinars. We’ll do our best to answer the most common ones.

  • - Where are webinars held?
    Webinars are virtual events, so the content of the webinar is delivered directly to your computer. Webinars can be held wherever there is a computer with internet access: your office, at home, or while travelling.
  • - How do I participate in a webinar?
    All you need to do to participate in a webinar is to simply register. You will get an email with the information required to register for the webinar, use the information accordingly and you should be ready to join your first webinar!
  • - How do I ask questions of presenters during a webinar?
    You could ask questions using the chat feature that’s available in the webinar's interface. Just type your question during the webinar, and the moderator forwards it to the presenter(s) to respond.
  • - How much participation is required of me?
    This is completely up to you.
  • - Will other people be aware that I am attending?
    The moderator is the only person who will know if you are in attendance, unless the host chooses to have the list of participants visible.
  • - Can the speaker see you in a webinar?
    No. Except if they invite you to get on camera side-by-side with them, or if the host asks you to turn on your webcam.
  • - What do I need to participate in a webinar?
    Cameras, microphone, internet connection and a device (a computer, a tablet or a smartphone).
What Is a Webinar and How Does It Work

To Sum Up: How to Participate in a Webinar

  • Join the webinar: Follow the link received from the webinar organizer. You want to do this a few minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Register: Follow the instructions provided in the link. Fill in the required fields with the required information.
  • Login: You then log in after filling in the required information.
  • Focus: Avoid distractions. Close all tabs in your browser and block certain where necessary. The aim is for you to focus on the event fully.
  • Engage: Here's where you speak up when you have something to stay that is relevant to the webinar event. After logging into the webinar, you will find two buttons on the left part of the window – Ask a question and Ask to speak. Use them as the situation demands. There is a chat field to your right. Use the chat field to communicate with the presenter and other participants. Discuss any ideas you have with co-participants as they might offer some valuable insights. Remember to be respectful and courteous in the event if there are differences in opinions.


Webinars are essential in today's world, this is because a remote approach to business, learning, and marketing (among other areas) appears to be what’s necessary in our current world. Don’t miss out on the potential that webinars offer. You can easily hold a webinar by creating an account on LiveWebinar. With this unique platform, you can host events of up to 1500 participants at a time and provide your organization with a customizable webinar platform.

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