Introduction to Webinar Automation: All Nuts and Bolts

With smart webinar automation, you can take your webinars to a brand new level! Check how to do it.

Your webinars can stand out from the crowd of competitors and get large numbers of people interested in a very short time. But how do you achieve this without spending so many hours or even days in preparation? Well, in addition to exciting and niche topics, you should focus on something else: webinar automation. Then, you will deliver great meetings at a really low cost.

In today's article, we will introduce you to the topic of webinar automation and tell you more about what exactly it is. So stay tuned!

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What Is an Automated Webinar?

Starting from the beginning: Automated webinars are already-recorded online meetings scheduled automatically and even available on demand. Therefore, this type of webinar is not conducted live but is simply recorded in advance. Such virtual sessions literally run on autopilot, and you don't have to worry about something going wrong during your online conference because it runs as smoothly as planned. Webinar hosts can set up everything, including starting and ending the meeting, without much human intervention and certainly without having to do anything manually.

An automated webinar can incorporate various interactions - such as: 

  • polls, 
  • surveys,
  • CTAs
  • quizzes, 
  • handouts, 
  • etc.

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They can be programmed to start at specific times during the online video. What's more, with automated conferences, it is possible to tailor your promotional options, such as registration forms and email follow-ups, to reach your audience. 

Therefore, such meetings come with many advantages that live online sessions don't have. Automating interactions with viewers keeps them engaged without requiring the host to answer their questions face-to-face. 

Why You Should Consider Webinar Automation

You definitely should think about webinar automation because, with this type of meeting, you can host online events without having to participate. Instead, you can get on with other things. So it's as if you were in two places at once. With this approach, you will be able to accomplish two things at once and make the most of your conference.

Automated webinars can be watched anywhere, at any time, and as many times as they like. Yet, viewers often don't realize that the session they attend is pre-recorded and automated. That's because these events simulate live ones. 

A successful automated meeting requires no one to be present to conduct it. There is no need for manual intervention. So you don't have to worry about someone recognizing that the conference is being held without the host. By automating the webinar's start and end times, as well as the playback times of the videos or polls, this can be realized.

While this goes without saying, it's also worth mentioning that, unlike live webinars, it's usually not possible for meeting participants to join a chat room or answer others' questions in person. 

Benefits of Automated Webinars

Running live webinars is exciting, but it can also be quite a challenge for your business. To run large-scale events, you need time and really a lot of help. Are you able to organize it? If so, that's great, but the catch is that you don't have to because you just have automated webinars at your disposal. It is certainly easier, faster, and more convenient to conduct webinars with such a feature!

You Can Use Your Content Over and Over Again

First of all, with automated online meetings, you can use your content many times. And this is very useful if you organize evergreen webinars. As long as the materials are up-to-date and still relevant, you can use such content again and again, even for many weeks or months. Such automatically produced sessions save time and effort for organizers, who would have to get in front of the camera in person each time. 

You Can Make Perfect Meetings

Thanks to the fact that they are recorded in advance, they are perfectly planned, so they appear professional. With this solution you can avoid technical problems, you don't have to stress so much, so you can relax and just talk about what you know. It's not a live presentation, so you don't have to think about your every move being watched.

You Can Get More Interest

What's more, such conferences can bring your brand more attention because they can also get more people to watch your automated speech. The video can be sent quickly, and there are no problems with its availability. For example, you can send them via email or public on your website. Next, you can promote them and, as a result, make them widely known. Then you can use your insights for better persona driven marketing strategy

You Can Become an Authority

Another advantage is that automated online meetings help develop experts and build their personal brands. So they can establish their authority in a particular field and spread their recognition, which in turn will translate into increased audience trust in the near future.

You Can Save Time

If you are a great speaker and love webinars but don't have time to perform live in them, you will also love the option of automated sessions. They allow you to stay in touch with your customers while taking care of your daily responsibilities. Companies that utilize live webinars have to host them over and over. This means someone has to take time out of their day to stand in front of a camera. Not everybody can afford that. Fortunately, with automated events, they didn't have to. It's also a way to automate your revenue source.

You Can Grow Your Business

Using even free platforms, you can gain a lot from your automated webinars. There are already options in the basic features that allow you to record the meeting in advance and automate it. This means that more and more companies can simply afford to automate their sessions and finally take advantage of the benefits of automation. Currently, most business marketing relies on technology. Those who don't do so get left behind and are no longer relevant in the market because they are unable to hold brand interest among their audience. Therefore, developing an automated webinar can be extremely beneficial to your business. 

What Can be Automated in my Webinar?

So yes, when it comes to hosting an online session, you can choose to run it live or to automate, pre-record and play it when the time comes. However, now you know automated meetings can be a better option for you because you are more flexible with them. If you already have your automated online video recorded and completed, you never need to do it again as long as the topic remains the same.

Once you know exactly what automated online conferences are and their benefits, you can now start thinking about what exactly can be automated in your online meeting. The answer is: almost everything. 

More specifically:

  • the start and end of a webinar,
  • the start of a presentation,
  • video playing,
  • the start of a poll/survey/quiz/other game,
  • when a CTA message should show up,
  • schedule other pop-ups to appear.

As you can see, in such webinars, there is a lack of interaction since the main elements are prepared in advance. Recipients can’t ask you questions while an automated meeting is playing. Therefore, the level of interaction is much lower than in live sessions. But this doesn’t have to be such a drawback, as you can take advantage of both automated and live presentations. 

You can use automated videos, whether you don’t need to interact with users, or live ones, when you care about talking with your audience.

Create Automated Webinars with LiveWebinar

You probably already know that there are plenty of systems with which you can run automated online events. But unfortunately, most webinar software allows programming your meetings to a certain degree. Only the best platforms will enable you to manage your online videos from end to end fully. These include, for example, LiveWebinar.

With this software, you can plan, schedule, and record your online sessions in advance, as well as engage the audience like never before while lying on a beach. With LiveWebinar, you can schedule your webinar and invite an audience, and the technology takes care of the rest. Take advantage of polls, custom CTA, host under your domain, and choose the days you want your meeting to be played - nothing will stop you.

Over to You

Automated webinars are a great opportunity for your company to make a name for itself in this oversaturated market. With them, you can deliver content to a wider audience and automate profits! But these are just two examples of the benefits you'll experience. 

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Why not see for yourself how automated webinars will work with your business? Well, that's why! There's nothing stopping you from doing so. So, create an account with LiveWebinar today and enjoy your new opportunities!

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