Webinar Topic Ideas

Hosting an interesting and engaging webinar is not a piece of cake. You need to nail the webinar ideation process to come up with the right set of webinar topics or webinar ideas. You need to mainly focus on creating content that will provide value to the audience.

Businesses are quickly realizing the importance of webinars. More and more teams are working on producing more and more webinar content, as webinars are a great way to connect with potential buyers and partners. They seldom fail to spread the word about your business.

You may end up with one question in your mind, how to choose a webinar topic? Choosing a webinar topic can be quite similar to finding a topic for your blog post; you need to find one that will interest the audience.

Webinar Topic Ideas

How to Choose a Webinar Topic?

Finding the right webinar topic is crucial for a successful webinar. This can benefit your business in many ways. Here are a few webinar topic strategies:

1. Find out what your audience needs

You can look towards your audience to find some inspiration for webinar ideas. There may be some topics that have been untouched but are in high demand. If your customers have been quite vocal about certain issues, you can conduct a webinar to address them.

You can also conduct webinars to provide tutorials on how to use your platform or products. This will increase brand trust and build better relationships with the audience.

2. Find your area of expertise

Being a company or an institution, you may be good at certain topics or any field. Finding out your stronghold can help you host a great, informative webinar.

Being an expert in a field means that you can create a webinar on this topic, which will provide value to the users and establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

3. Find the right occasion

You can have a look at the calendar to note any important events or dates that can inspire a webinar. An upcoming product release is a perfect occasion to host a webinar, it would also attract enough engagement from potential customers and partners.

4. Look within your existing content

If you already have interesting existing content, then you have already found your next webinar topic. You can easily find out how well your existing content is performing, and you can build a webinar on it.

5. Keyword Research

Using online keyword research tools, you can find out the user search trends to find some webinar topic ideas. You can use Google trends or any other keyword research tool for this.

You can choose longtail, user search queries, or informational search terms with high search volumes.

Webinar Topic Ideas


Once you have decided with your webinar topic, you need a platform to host your webinar. There are many online platforms such as LiveWebinar.com that are specifically designed to host webinars, presentations, meetings and many more.

This platform is capable of hosting a webinar with more than 1000+ participants; thanks to their cloud-based infrastructure with over 42 data centers.

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