The best webinar titles: 8 tips for creating catchy webinar names 2023

Check how to write catchy webinar titles and names that bring attention and boost your registration rate!

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by Ola Czmut
last updated 22.03.2021

If you are wondering how to stand out among the dozens of titles that flood the Internet every day, you are not alone. In order to encourage a user to sign up for a specific webinar, you need to be increasingly more creative and willing to put some effort in. In this article, we will tell you what to focus on to make your title the most attractive to users. We’ve identified 8 tips for titling your webinars. Ready? Fasten your seatbelts - we’re starting right now.

Catchy webinar titles and names - examples

Make sure it's catchy, clear, powerful, and relevant to your audience, while still accurately describing the content of the webinar. 

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#1 Make the most of short webinar titles

You don't have to describe the whole topic in the webinar title. Create a headline that encourages users to dig into the subject. According to HubSpot, 6-13 word titles bring you the most valuable traffic. Keep this in mind when creating a title for your next webinar. What's more, you do not gain the audience using long-form titles. Why? Because they even do not remember what you were saying in such a title. But, using short forms make that recipients remember it better. For example, what webinar titles or any titles do you remember faster and better? The long, or short ones? We can bet, it was the short ones. Use that information when creating new webinar titles and putting up your logo

#2 Use the target audience as your webinar title

Another tip on how to choose the perfect webinar titles is a very smart yet simple solution - use the name of your target audience. In this case, you will gain their attention at first, so it is a huge help for you because if you use such a target, you want them to take part in your webinar, right?

So, first of all, such a “trick” helps you catch the attention of those you want to reach the most. Calling them outright - by their name - brings them closer to performing the desired action of signing up for your webinar.

You may want to use the name of a professional group, or citizens of a specific region, for example. Let’s say that you run a webinar about new law regulations for e-commerce businesses in the US. Choosing an appealing title of “what each US-based e-commerce business needs to know about ABC321 regulations” may help you generate the most valuable leads.

The best webinar titles: 8 tips for creating catchy webinar names

#3 Test catchy webinar titles

This one sounds simple, but when it comes to providing catchy webinars titles it may be a challenge!

There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to catchy webinars titles: keep coming up with ideas, check what your competitors are doing, and better them by testing your new titles. For example, use words that usually get attention.

Some good examples are phrases like "... that you've never heard of", or "...that works wonderfully". You can easily get attention by adding some short calls to action such as “CHECK IT OUT” in the title of your webinar. Using capital letters may also help here, but don’t overuse them - otherwise capitalizing may be considered as shouting rather than emphasizing essential aspects in the headline.

Descriptive language will also help you create short and catchy webinar titles. Use suggestive words that are highly emotional (in a positive way!). This will make it much easier for your audience to understand your topic, as well as encourage them to listen to your webinar. If the title is so descriptive, the whole webinar will be too, right?

#4 Create a list

It goes without saying that people like lists. Your perfect audience may be more willing to take action and sign up when they know what to expect. “Tips for managers” may not cover the topic completely, but “16 tips for managers” sounds more encouraging.

By using, for example, "X ways to …" in the webinar title, you will reassure users that everyone can find something that will interest them. If they don't like method number one, there's still the rest of the list to come.

People like to have a choice, and lists give it to them. Take a look at the title of this article. The fact that you’ve already read this far is the best proof that lists work! If you combine a list with any of our other ideas, you can be pretty sure that you've just created one of the best webinar titles out there! For example: “10 ways of quickly cleaning-up that you’ve never heard of”. Let's face it: probably all of us would love to hear about them and would sign up for this webinar.

You find on our blog many articles that contain lists. For example, here are 6 of the best webinar marketing examples out there to follow and get inspired. Enjoy reading it! Check also best webinar software platforms, that are out there!

The best webinar titles: 8 tips for creating catchy webinar names

#5 Be provocative (with your questions)

More ideas for you to try out? Put some questions in your webinar titles and don’t be scared of being a little provocative.

Some of the best webinar titles are those with a hint of provocation.

Instead of asking “would you like to increase traffic on your website?”, ask “do you think it’s possible to increase traffic on your website in 3 days? Let’s find out”. There’s a hint of secrecy and mystery in such a question. Putting some in a webinar title may help you convince those who are tired of average content and expect more.

People remember provocative, offbeat, and unconventional ideas, so using them in your webinar titles is quite an interesting option. Mostly because there is something they don't expect, so when they see a title like this they'll be intrigued, don't you think? That's why, when you think that nothing in your webinar titles works, just use provocative sentences. But remember, do not overuse them. You do not want to be perceived as a trickster or cheater.

#6 How to create the best webinar titles?

How to come up with a webinar title that hits the jackpot? Yes! By using “how to”.

Simple as that.

According to our previous tips for webinar titles, the right questions can make... catchy webinar titles. Yes, we know, you are surprised. But think about it. If you are not interested in provocative questions, or you simply think it’s not your cup of tea and it wouldn’t work on your target group, then a simple "how to do [something]?" may be more than sufficient.

A “how to” form indicates that there are some pieces of advice, guides, or tutorials awaiting viewers of the webinar. There’s a pinky swear of added value behind “sign up”, which is why such webinar titles may turn out to be extremely successful. Once you make a promise in your webinar titles, your content needs to live up to expectations though. Make sure that not only your webinars titles but also the webinars themselves deliver value.

#7 Use keywords in webinar titles

The main goal of keywords is to make it easier (and actually possible) for users to find you, e.g. in a search engine. If webinar titles contain proper keywords, they will be better positioned. Thus, more people may find them by entering specific phrases into a search engine, or on social media. Make appropriate research of keywords before you start choosing webinar titles for your masterpieces. Understanding the algorithms that the search engine uses and what visitors are looking for is half of the battle. If your webinar is at least displayed to a potential viewer, it is already a step closer to being watched.

The best webinar titles: 8 tips for creating catchy webinar names

#8 Show your webinar values in the title

Time is money. People want to know exactly what they will be spending their time on.

By displaying in your webinar title what value it will bring to your audience, you make it easier for them to actually decide to jump onboard. Webinar titles should be clear, simple to understand, and short.

If your audience is looking for some answers and the topic is valuable to them, they will most likely click to hear more. There was a split test done by MarketingSherpa that showed some interesting results: clearer webinar titles resulted in a 45 per cent better CTR! It may be really profitable to make your webinar titles loud and clear. Often the best webinar titles are the most straightforward ones. Simplicity is the key.

Final thoughts

Creating catchy webinar titles is not as easy as many might think. It requires a lot of testing, peeping on your competitors, and understanding your target group.

And there’s no secret recipe for creating the best webinar titles: you do need to try many methods out, analyze what brings your business results, and try to scale it up. There are also title generators from Hubspot or any other content/marketing company providing similar services, If necessary, use tools that could inspire you even further - such as Grammarly or Essay Tigers.

But you can also write a description for your webinar that will tell your recipients more about what you mean when using such a title. It will be also handy, that they can get more information and decide if they want to take part in the webinar. To read more about the webinar's descriptions you can go to our post How to write a webinar description that grabs attention?

The good news is that once you sort your method out, you can cross this point off the list and move onto creating the actual webinar. And yes, this is where LiveWebinar steps up the game. Check out what more we can offer you, apart from this informative article on the best webinar titles!

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