How to Automate Virtual Event Planners' Work

From developing an online presence to utilizing automated scheduling and booking systems, learn how to streamline your operations and make event planning easier.

Virtual events come across as an excellent opportunity to be in touch with your audience. They can also help you deliver amazing content and achieve satisfactory results if they are well-planned. 

There is usually a designated person to plan virtual events – called a virtual event planner. Who is that person, and what responsibilities do they have? Can their work be automated to make it easier yet more efficient?

Of course, it can – and today we will tell you more about it!

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Who is a Virtual Event Planner?

Virtual event planners are people who do professional and comprehensive online event planning and contribute to the success of the meeting with their efforts. 

They offer high-quality virtual event planning services that are tailored to the theme of the meeting and the target audience. 

In addition, they have experience with online meeting planning, so they know how to deliver a successful virtual event.

It's common to find virtual event planning companies that hire specialists in online event planning. Such companies can be particularly useful for large-scale online meeting planning.

You can also meet a freelance virtual event planner, that is, a person who does not work for any company but can be a professional in event management and planning.

No matter if you are about planning in-person events online, meetings, conferences, networking events, hybrid events, or automated webinars - you may need the help of a virtual event planner.

What do Virtual Event Planners Do?

The duties of virtual event planners can vary, depending on the company or its requirements. 

However, you may often encounter such tasks as:

👉 Creating exciting and attractive virtual events for participants and prospects.

👉 Providing professional virtual event management - including reporting, coordinating, and hosting livestream broadcasts/webinars and moderating comments.

👉 Assisting with event planning: brainstorming ideas, developing an event plan, and establishing a timeline.

👉 Resolve virtual event platform issues quickly, including maintaining a platform incident log before, during, and after events.

👉 Weekly meetings with the manager to discuss key accomplishments and concerns.

👉 Comply with budgets, expenses, and reconciliations in coordination with accounts payable.

👉 Team collaboration with Sales and Marketing.

👉 Support the Sales team in hosting virtual, in-person events with customers.

How to Automate Virtual Event Planners' Work: Best Practices

It all sounds beautiful, doesn't it? But can you imagine if a virtual event planner could do all these tasks manually without any support?

Well, it would be hard. It's definitely too much work for one person.

So it's worth introducing automation into the virtual event planner's work. This will keep them from getting overtired while delivering better results. What kind of automation are we talking about? 

Here are our best practices! 

#1 Choose the Right Virtual Event Software

Virtual event platform allows you to enjoy the benefits of event automation, speeds up your work, gives you better results, and takes over some of your tasks. These are the main reasons why you should choose it. 

There are many platforms that will automate your virtual events. One of them is LiveWebinar, which has a number of basic and advanced features.

In addition to having a number of features to automate your virtual events, it also offers a full HD camera, high-quality audio, offers branding, and a customizable solution so that you can host under your domain. On top of that, it provides the ability to invite participants by e-mail and text messages.

The virtual event technology you choose has an impact on your overall meetings, so choose wisely.

LiveWebinar Enterprise is a comprehensive virtual event platform tailored to support clients with both large and small-scale events. Everything you need to host a successful online event - from registration, streaming, and content management to analytics - can be easily managed in one single solution. Our robust platform allows you to seamlessly manage any virtual event, big or small. We understand the growing demand for virtual events and are committed to helping our clients create meaningful and engaging experiences - no matter their size or budget. With an ever-evolving suite of features designed around collaboration and convenience, is your all-inclusive solution for virtual success!

#2 Create an Automation Marketing Strategy

Another field you can automate is marketing. 

In order for event organizers to automate a marketing campaign based on event data, they will also need the right tool for that. 

With automation and virtual event technology, you can forget about any repetitive tasks - entrust them to the system, and it will do exactly what you expect it to do. At LiveWebinar, you can do this by integrating the system with other popular marketing automation solutions.

#3 Put Virtual Events on Autopilot

You can also automate your entire event!

LiveWebinar's automated webinars can be scheduled at any time or date, which is one of their best features. 

In the case of an automatic webinar, you specify the date when it will start. Then, instead of organizing a live presentation, you upload a previously recorded webinar and add a poll, a video clip, or a Call-To-Action (CTA) button to engage your audience.

You can hold automated on demand sessions and take a virtual meeting to a new level.

This will definitely help in the work of more than one virtual event planner.

#4 Take Advantage of Automated Surveys and Polls

How about automating all surveys and polls? This is our next suggestion that will allow you to automate these mini studies completely.

If you decide on this automation, conducting post event surveys will be possible with just one click, just from the next event. And the feedback you get from it will be received faster than before.

Polls, surveys, CTA, and other ways to contact can be automated in LiveWebinar as well.

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#5 Invest in Automated Reporting 

Virtual conferences can be even more pleasant to conduct with automated reporting.

All the information you collect can be turned into useful information with automated reports. Additionally, such a feature will help you identify problem areas during an event with ease. 

Therefore, a virtual event planner will no longer have to generate them manually or analyze them.

#6 Send Emails Automatically

Sending emails is a critical area to automate, as it consumes a lot of time if done manually.

Typically, virtual attendees receive several emails that are related to the meeting. These emails can be sent in bulk to save both time and cost.

Follow up emails are geared toward building relationships with recipients and are especially important. So if you want to benefit the entire company, automate the sending of emails.

#7 Use Social Media Scheduler

Event planning should also include event promotion. Even more so in popular social media, where there is a lot of your audience.

But let's be honest, which virtual event planner has time for this?

With help, come to the right tools that help you plan and automate the publication of social media posts. And problem solved.

#8 Use AI Chatbots in Communication

To automate and streamline communication with your audience, it's also a good idea to rely on intelligent assistants.

Due to the fact that virtual event planner has a lot to deal with, they may sometimes not be able to cope with responding to audience inquiries. Here the problem can be solved by a chatbot, which can handle several interested parties at one time.

When organizing large events, virtual event planning companies can entrust communication with customers to these conversational chatbots. And if the question is too complicated, then it can be passed on to a human.

Why does Virtual Event Planning Matter?

So you can see that working on virtual events is not that simple at all. 

So if you are wondering if it is worth going through the event planning process, we answer: yes.

Here are just a few examples of why online event planning is worth it.

#1 You will not forget any critical element of the meeting

First of all, with such a plan, you will not forget any important element of the meeting and make event management easier.

Online events have it that they are often complex. So if you're determined to cover every piece of content you anticipate, act according to the plan.

You can also build a meeting script to guide you through the meeting in even more detail. For example, Computers in the City could plan a webinar that is followed by a Q&A session to answer all burning technical questions. 

#2 You will be more likely to achieve the goal of the virtual event

A virtual event planner can help you come up with a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Therefore, you will be more likely to succeed with your virtual conference.

By acting spontaneously, you may miss the original intent of the meeting, which is something you certainly want to avoid. 

Therefore, rely on the right people and their virtual event planning services. They know what they are doing.

#3 You will reduce the stress associated with the meeting

You've just completed your successful event and are already planning the next one. And as it turns out, with virtual event planning, you don't stress as much as without it.

Because, after all, you know what to do and when to do it, you have the right tools, and even if some technology issues arise, you have the support of a virtual event planner.

So instead of thinking about the stress, focus on the joy that comes from hosting virtual meetings.

#4 You will conduct the meeting at the highest level

If you decide to plan an event, you will find that it will definitely be of better quality.

But how? 

Well, this is influenced by many factors. For example:

⭐ reducing the stress of speaking, 

⭐ covering all the most important topics, 

⭐ proper marketing, 

⭐ social media promotion, 

⭐ email contact, 

⭐ choosing the right virtual event platform, 

⭐ etc.

Nothing will be accidental.

#5 You will increase the satisfaction of your audience

Let's also remember the recipients. Even though they won't know that you planned the event with a planner or virtual event planning company, they will feel the difference in the quality of the meeting.

And they, in turn, will repay you with new leads, increased conversions, sales, etc.

LiveWebinar Can Do More

Event planning is undoubtedly a profitable activity for your company. And LiveWebinar can help you do just that.

Some of the features LiveWebinar offers to make automated webinars a piece of cake have already been mentioned. Therefore, you bet on automated sessions and engage your virtual events as if they were live! 

LiveWebinar offers a host of extra features that you can take advantage of to make your webinars as great as possible without no effort. 

For example, our platform provides:

  • screen sharing, 
  • participants tracking,
  • presence manager,
  • chat moderator,
  • registration form,
  • bulk invitations,
  • ads banner,
  • language interpretation,
  • etc.

What's more, you can even enhance the involvement of your audience in your event by implementing call-to-actions in time frames that are relevant to your event.

It is also possible to utilize your internal interactive tools, as well as a series of handy integrations, to make the most of your experience.

Over to You

Virtual event planning can be a daunting task but don’t have to be. You just need to hire a virtual event planning company or a professional that knows their job. To alleviate the burden of mundane tasks from them, you should allow them to use the right automation tools.

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So, sign in to LiveWebinar and automate your events like never before.

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