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Automated webinar software can make your work a breeze! Find out how it can happen.

Organizing webinars can be an exciting but challenging task at the same time. Getting ready and planning for a webinar can take a long time, and once everything seems prepared, you start to worry about how it will all go. Therefore, support is an absolute necessity when running large-scale events.

You are probably wondering how you can improve the whole process? The answer lies in automated webinars. Let's find out more about them right now!

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What is automated webinar software

At first, you need to know what an automated webinar is. An automated webinar is one that runs automatically. They have the same value for the viewer as those who are made in 100 percent manual, but their undoubted advantage is that they can be set-up in advance by the webinar's host, beginning and ending without more intervention. What's more, automated webinars can sometimes be fully automated. As they are pre-recorded, they are similar to evergreen webinars.

So automated webinar software is a tool that makes it possible to run such a webinar. It contains the relevant functions that enable the automation of such events. For example, with automated webinar software, you can attract new and current audiences thanks to personalized promotional options such as signup forms and follow-up emails.

So, automated webinar software allows your event to stand out by refining it to perfection. Moreover, you can personalize them even more with the right tools, such as adding your brand logo, essential files, or an invitation to another webinar for an even better experience.

How does automated webinar software work

Automated webinar software simulates events without adding a host. This is done by automating not only the start and end times of webinars but also by automating other elements. There are multiple features you can take into consideration when automating, for example, a webinar's start and end, playing a video, redirecting to a page, sending a poll, showing a presentation, or sending a CTA. 

Where to start?

# 1. Now that automated webinars are actually pre-recorded start by recording it. Select "automatic" recording.

# 2. Give a name, set the date and time.

# 3. Customize chat - choose whether you want to receive messages or not.

# 4. Select the files you want to show at the moment and adjust them to the timeline.

# 5. Do the same with polls, CTAs, and presentations if you anticipate them in your webinar, and align them with your timeline as well.

# 6. Verify that everything on the timeline looks as it should.

# 7. If you're ready, invite your audience!

Benefits of using automated webinar software

Successful automated webinar software can produce any number of benefits for your company. Organizations often utilize automated webinar software as part of their sales funnel or as an effective way to build their authority. 

Any business that uses standard live webinars software can change them because, with automated webinar software, you can:

  • Take better care of your customers - by using automated webinar software, you can take care of your customers in a better way because you offer them planned, thoughtful and valuable content.
  • Sell a product - thanks to the automatic webinar software, you can use elements that will present your product offer or promotion during the whole meeting without mentioning them in the presentation.
  • Onboard new users -  you'll record once, and you'll constantly be sharing with new users.
  • Engage with hundreds of customers at once on their schedule - with automated webinar software, they don’t need to show up or be on time because it's recorded and automated.
  • Build your brand 24/7 - as automated webinar software lets you record it in advance, you can tweak and edit as much as you like to make a live seeming webinar.

If you also want to:

  • automate your online courses and focus on interaction with participants,
  • automate training sessions of your employees and save time,
  • automate internal meetings and keep employees informed about everything

choose the automatic webinar software to create automated webinars and achieve the goals above.

There are many ways to host a fantastic webinar, and automated webinar software gives you another opportunity to make them. So take it under consideration when making a brand new webinar with Livewebinar!

How to find the right webinar software for your company

One webinar platform is not the same as another. There are webinar software programs that are better equipped to help you deliver stellar webinars than others, especially the more basic types. When choosing webinar software, it is essential to ensure the solution has the features you need. That's why you need to focus on your aims to know what do you want to achieve with them.

To find the right webinar software for your company, you can choose one (or all) of these three steps:

# 1 Search the internet back and forth to find out the solutions available on the market. When you do good research and get to know the market, you will be able to decide and choose the tool that will help you achieve your goals the most.

# 2 Take advantage of free trials. See for yourself whether the software you found meets your expectations or not. Then, try a few of them and decide which works best for you.

# 3 Listen to friends from your industry and trust their recommendations. If you still cannot decide on a choice, talk to specialists who use this type of solution on a daily basis. Maybe their opinion will convince you to try the tool?

The best features of a good webinar platform

The most important thing for you to consider when choosing the right software is whether the platform allows you to automate multiple processes. Thanks to its automation, you can improve your work and create webinars of the highest quality.

Besides this, there are several other factors to consider before choosing software that fits your needs. For instance, a good webinar platform needs to provide features like:

  • Chat, CTA, pools, surveys, and other ways to contact, 
  • Whiteboard,
  • Invitations,
  • Screen sharing,
  • Live streaming,
  • Breakout rooms,
  • Browser access,
  • Marketing automation,
  • Reports,
  • Recording in Full HD,
  • Integrations,
  • Work customization,
  • Support,
  • Free trials,
  • Various payment methods.

It would be great if such software could handle onboarding new team members, conducting interviews, or hosting staff meetings. It also should be easy to use. In other words, the right webinar software for companies and organizations should be easy to navigate and manage.

LiveWebinar has it all

And then we have LiveWebinar, which meets all your expectations. As the most advanced webinar software, it gives you an excellent opportunity to create unforgettable webinars and automated webinars. All we have just pointed LiveWebinar has.

In addition to customizable branding, live video broadcasting, and audience engagement analytics, LiveWebinar provides superior screen sharing, live video streaming, and recording features.

What's more, you have got easy browser access, so you can quickly join a room and run webinars without the need to install and download. Furthermore, you can customize all you want to, create a completely unique experience with the freedom to add or remove features. Also, LiveWebinar gives you clear HD quality, everything under your domain, and the possibility to host Paid Webinars - in just a few minutes, you can create a monetized webinar. 

Moreover, LiveWebinar is ready to prepare especially for you a solution tailored to your needs. They will create a platform that we are able to adapt to your vision and requirements.

If you want to know more about LiveWebinar and its features, go to our website or contact us. We are here to answer your questions! 

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