Automated webinars: the nuts and bolts

What are automated webinars and how can they help you grow your brand?

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by Aleksandra Żołnowska
last updated 09.08.2021

Live events are not feasible for many companies; they cannot justify the resources required for in-person meetings with their customers. In order to connect with customers and prospects, businesses are turning to automation tools like webinars. With webinars, you can interact with your audience without having them physically attend your presentation.

That's great, but you may not have time to run similar webinars repeatedly each time you want to present to just a few customers. You also may not get the ROI you want from this rather time-consuming process.

A solution to this problem is to run automated webinars - evergreen webinars that can be viewed at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

We will explore 7 benefits of automated webinars today. 

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Automated webinars: what are they all about?

Simply put, automated webinars are pre-recorded webinars that can be scheduled to allow access to the video whenever you want. Evergreen webinars are often better alternatives to traditional live webinars because their audiences grow continuously and they do not require rescheduling for each event. It is possible to optimize your content by saving it until it fits in more appropriately or launching new products/services when the timing is right.

How does an automated webinar work?

Automated webinars use pre-recorded videos so that presentations can be organized and provide additional information, such as links and graphics, as well as launch into the main presentation for attendees to watch on their own devices without having to download the recording. A presenter typically uses a script to guide attendees through their presentation, and may also include multimedia resources such as PowerPoint slides or YouTube videos that they want attendees to see during the webinar. Using automated webinars allows you to create evergreen content ahead of time and publish it on your website so new visitors can have access in advance, e.g. immediately after registering for the first time. 

Benefits of automated webinars

#1 Always spot-on content

The goal is to create evergreen webinars so you can always answer queries from your target audience and keep them interested in what you have to say. By providing evergreen webinars, you can ensure that your customers are always getting value. Every time they log on for an update or assistance, they are greeted with relevant information instead of outdated information.

It's important to automate the process if you want users to come back again and again without getting bored or feeling cheated. As a result, every time they attend a live session, they'll feel compelled by what they learn and what other members of their organization can offer. 

#2 Makes planning ahead easier

Marketers know one thing for sure: schedules vary greatly throughout the year. Things rarely go according to plan: time zones change like clockwork; meetings pop up out of nowhere; and people stop responding altogether.

Planning ahead is easier with webinars because they can be pre-recorded and uploaded when it is convenient to do so. Although there will always be variables such as time zone differences, automation allows you to more effectively manage your evergreen webinar content.

By analyzing analytics data from previous engagements, you can figure out what day and time are best for your webinars (and events).

#3 Always-on automated webinars

Every automated webinar gives your audience the opportunity to learn more about you and what you do each day of the year.

Automated webinar software can help with this by inputting evergreen content that will be relevant for viewers at any point in time, making it easy to set up a never ending campaign.

It's not necessary for your audience to sign up for these webinars or be disappointed if they miss the live event. Whenever, wherever, however, they would like to take a look at them, evergreen webinars are there to be enjoyed. 

#4 Automated webinars are up-to date

It's not necessary to constantly update information in a live presentation or open up an entirely new topic just because things change. Since your audience is already aware of how good this research is, nothing else will be required. Your audience will remain interested in your information with evergreen content.

You'll never run out of evergreen webinar topics that will benefit your audience either. Something may always come up that you wish to record. Your material can be a tutorial, explanation of a new feature, or promotional piece. You name it! 

Automated evergreen webinars always remain current and consistent, so you don't have to concern yourself with what edits need to be made. You won't have to worry about anything because your automated webinar software will handle it all for you!

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#5 Higher conversion rates

With this kind of webinar, conversion rates are higher due to their evergreen nature as viewers are more likely to take action on a topic that has not aired. This will also result in increased engagement and revenue in the long run since they will be easier to promote to your email list. And the advantages do not stop there. 

#6 Reduced costs

Automation also reduces the costs associated with sending reminders about upcoming broadcasts. By creating a master email each week, you can avoid spending hours writing emails individually.

Consequently, it saves huge amounts of money. The reason is simply that evergreen webinars have a growing audience and require less overheads (travel, venue) than live events that require additional marketing and employees.

#7 Optimized resources

As a result of automated webinars, you are able to create a library of resources tailored to our audiences using evergreen content. 

Using evergreen presentations that are ready for your audience whenever they need them on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis can accomplish this.

Evergreen automated webinars have the advantage of being recorded, so you don't need as many staff on hand waiting for questions from attendees or having to find a lost keynote speaker to answer their question before someone else does. As such your team can focus on more important tasks including planning future content releases, brainstorming new ideas, or simply taking frequent breaks rather than tackling simple questions.

How to create automated webinars? Good practices

#1 Make sure they are valuable for everyone

A great evergreen topic is one that is applicable to everyone, regardless of their professional situations. Because of this, it's important to not only consider how you would benefit from this information, but to also think about ways other people might find it useful and make sure to include them. In a few cases, narrowing down topics may be beneficial, but for evergreen webinars, it's better to set up general concepts and topics. 

For instance, if you own a marketing agency then you might want to add automated webinars to your marketing agency software. Some of your specific examples may not appeal to everyone, so they may not be the best topics for your automated webinar.s  

#2 Be aware of how you word it

Use words such as "you" and "I" sparingly in most paragraphs because they can be off-putting to introverts who feel self-conscious about being talked at or lectured to by a speaker on screen. 

In other words, you might want to focus on questions that require some thought and deliberation rather than quick answers, since these may be more engaging. 

#3 Setting up time zones 

Make sure to consider the time zone in which your automated webinar will be live before deciding when is best to run it and where to promote it so that people can find it by searching those keywords or tags on Google, Facebook, or YouTube, etc.

#4 Master preparation

An introduction should be tailored to your company rather than be generic. Your evergreen webinar should also make a point to address the intended topic or issue. Lastly, there shouldn't be too much talking, since this can overwhelm listeners and cause them to tune out before you even get started. A voiceover with the brand logo should run for about 15-30 seconds.

Present the most important information first. Your audience expects information split into bite-sized chunks. Consider including tips for success, benefits, and solutions to common problems.

Don't forget to keep it short. Usually, evergreen content is presented in a long format, but brevity is important since people only have so much patience before they move on. The webinar should last no more than 60 minutes and be broken down into short segments of up to 15 minutes. The typical length of an automated webinar is about 30 minutes - perfect if you want to keep it short and sweet.

There is a tricky thing about automated webinars: you can't run them manually. Keeping your webinars evergreen and engaging your audiences for the long haul requires a system that is efficient and scalable. 

It is possible to organize a series of automated webinars with LiveWebinar. 

Automated webinars with LiveWebinar

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Customization at its finest

Engage your evergreen sessions as if they were live events! Get your audience deeply involved in your events by implementing call-to-actions in targeted time frames. Embed your evergreen event into your webpage and support brand consistency. 

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