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The ultimate guidebook for choosing your tech partner

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events | LiveWebinar

Become a part of the virtual event revolution and learn how to run online events from A to Z with our ultimate guidebook.

Do you want to run an event but it seems like a leap into the unknown?

Download this guide to find the answer to these (and more) questions.

What's inside:

5 MINI-INTERVIEWS with experts



An interactive EVENT PLANNER


ONE GUIDEBOOK to find your technology partner

Why this Guidebook?


Two robust comparisons to find your no. 1 solution

If you’re an event organizer, you need to start using new solutions. But as there are plenty of options available, comparing them might take ages. We’ve compiled a guidebook to show you how to choose your perfect technology partner.

What’s best for you - a stand-alone virtual platform, AV provider, virtual event agency, or a custom virtual event platform?

Get to know:

  • the most popular providers
  • feature comparisons
  • pricing packages
  • pros & cons of each solution
The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events | LiveWebinar

Learn from the experts

Are you wondering what the secret formula for a successful virtual event is? We asked a few virtual event specialists to go beyond simple quotes and provide you more value.

Read 5 mini interviews and learn from people who know all the tricks of the trade! You can check out our list of experts below.


Practice makes perfect!
Identify your needs with our exercises.

Take part in a short quiz that will reveal all your expectations and needs. Adjust each section to your business and choose the right technology partner.


A handy BONUS!

Get instant access to a tool that will help you organize your event so you can focus on your strategy and creating valuable content.

If you build something for everyone, you will serve no one.

– Robert Gelb, HeySummit -

Experience matters. Who shared their tips?

Aleksandra Panyukhina

Head of Events and Experiences at parcelLab

Anton Shulke

Head of Influencer Marketing at SEMrush

Grzegorz Borowski

Co-founder and CEO of Infoshare, the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe

Robert Gelb

CEO at HeySummit

Stella Mikraki

Senior Growth Marketing Manager at LearnWorlds

Mike Korba

CCO & Co-founder of, Saas Growth Summit organizer

What makes a successful event?

"Creating an event around the audience’s needs rather than the company’s needs. Companies (especially B2B) tend to set up their events to promote a new feature or support the launch of a new study without answering the question “What’s the value for my audience? Do they actually need to hear what I have to say?"

- Aleksandra Panyukhina, parcelLab

How to run an efficient virtual event?

"Efficient event production is about building a whole machine that runs like a Swiss watch and keeps the whole event in check from start to finish.” Plus, a streaming platform has to be” reliable and user-friendly".

– Grzegorz Borowski, Infoshare