12 benefits of automated webinar for your company

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last updated 25.02.2022

Are you looking for a way to save time and improve your productivity? If so, then an automated webinar might be the answer. This blog post will discuss the 12 benefits of automating your webinars that can help you grow as a business leader. From saving time to increasing revenue, there are many reasons why automation is beneficial for businesses today. Consider these benefits before opting out of this technology!

#1 Automated webinars are more efficient and save time

When you automate your webinars, you can save time on several tasks. For example, you can create a pre-recorded presentation that will play automatically during the webinar. This eliminates the need for someone to present live each time the webinar is run. In addition, you can also pre-record the whole webinar in advance. This way, the event will run without your help, and you can focus on, for example, recording the next webinar or taking care of the Q&A section.

#2 Automated webinars increase revenue

One of the best benefits of automated webinars is that they can help increase your company’s revenue. Automation allows you to reach a larger audience than live presentations, which means more potential customers. Additionally, automated webinars will enable you to sell products and services more effectively. By providing a purchase link during the presentation, you can make it easy for viewers to buy what they need without ever leaving the webinar.

#3 Automated webinars improve customer service

When you automate your webinars, you can provide a better customer service experience. For example, automated systems can help manage registrations and ensure that everyone who registers can attend. This eliminates the need for manual registration and allows you to focus on other important tasks. Additionally, automated webinars allow you to provide a higher level of customer support. By answering questions during the presentation, you can help customers resolve any issues they might have.

#4 Automated webinars create long-term leads

One of the most significant benefits of automated webinars is that they can help you create long-term leads. Generating leads requires a lot of creativity, so webinars greatly support this area. In addition, creating your own online meetings is becoming easier and allows you to shape your marketing and communication strategy effectively. And generating leads through webinars is also a very effective way to obtain valuable data. Finally, thanks to webinars, reaching useful contacts is much easier.

#5 Automated webinars improve brand recognition

Another benefit of automated webinars is that they can help improve your company’s brand recognition. Each webinar you run is an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness and strengthen its position on the market. Webinar participants who learned from them and became interested in the company then visit your website and create traffic on it, share content, etc. webinars constantly build brand awareness and strengthen the position of an expert in a given industry.

#6 Automated webinars are easy to use

One of the best benefits of automated webinars is that they are easy to use. As the name suggests, online meetings like this are largely automated, so they don't add more work to you. On the contrary - they relieve you of it. Automated webinars are therefore easy to use both for viewers and for the company, as they require little interaction or manual work.

#7 Automated webinars improve customer satisfaction

When you automate your webinars, you can provide a better customer satisfaction experience. Listening to your customers and meeting their expectations is essential to the future of your business. Automated webinars can only help you achieve this. For example, by talking to customers after the presentation, answering questions in the chat, or in the Q&A section. Simply accepting some information without any reaction or response from you will not work. Therefore, it is essential to collect feedback, respond to it, and improve your services - preferably immediately, if you want complete customer satisfaction.

#8 Automated webinars are more organized and easier to follow

When you automate your webinars, you can provide a more organized and easier-to-follow presentation. Because you have many features at your disposal, you can use them when creating such a webinar. This way, you can better organize and plan your online meeting. An automated webinar has long overtaken classic meetings in terms of content and the possibility of presenting information and learning techniques. Users gain access to various types of multimedia materials, texts and articles that they can use quickly and in any way.

#9 Automated webinars can be scheduled for any time or date

One of the best benefits of automated webinars is that they can be scheduled for any time or date. In the case of an automatic webinar, you set a specific start date. Then, instead of organizing a live presentation, you upload a previously recorded webinar, with the option of adding a poll, an additional video clip, or a Call-To-Action (CTA) button. The beauty of automated webinars is that they start and run... just automatically, which saves you a lot of time! This feature is extremely useful if your live webinars are too time-consuming. 

#10 Automated webinars are a great way to train employees

Also, automated webinars can be a great way to introduce your teams. This is a great way to develop skills for talented and loyal employees. You can take advantage of training centers’ webinars or organize such an event yourself. Participation in the automated webinar fulfills several functions simultaneously. For example:

  • it guarantees the reduction of organizational, travel and accommodation costs, 
  • it allows you to invite outstanding speakers to online conferences, 
  • it gives you the possibility to react quickly to changes in the industry, 
  • or to plan training in such a way as not to disturb employees in the performance of their professional duties.

#11 Automated webinars are an efficient way to reach a large audience

Automated webinars are also an efficient way to reach a large audience. Unfortunately, formal meetings in the real world were associated with a significant waste of time on commuting. In some cases, taking part in the event, we were interested in could simply be impossible for logistical reasons. An automated webinar effectively eliminates this problem: you can participate in online training virtually anywhere and gain knowledge while sitting in your favorite chair. That is why it is such an attractive option for regular and new viewers, encouraging them to take part. 

#12 Automated webinars are perfect for lead generation and building relationships with potential customers

Automated webinars are perfect for lead generation and building relationships with potential customers. Why? Because such a webinar focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to potential customers and providing the information and responses they need to build trust and maintain a bond until the audience is ready to make a purchase. It also dispels all doubts and shows the brand from the best side. Thanks to this, potential customers will be sure that you care about their welfare, devote your time to them, and that you are a true expert in your industry. Therefore, they will be more likely to reach for your products or services in the future.


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