Lead Generation through Webinars: The key to success in the Digital era

Discover the power of webinars in lead generation.

Webinars are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for lead generation. Reports indicate that 84% of organizations spend less on virtual events than their in-person counterparts, and the number of organizations that planned to use a virtual event as part of their marketing plan doubled last year. Webinars bring success to those who use them, with a 36% increase in popularity of so-called "always-on webinars". But what exactly defines a "webinar" and why are they so important for lead generation?

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is an online video event, which is a web-based seminar. Webinars are a popular choice for capturing leads through real-time engagement between presenters and attendees, providing an educational format as well as question and answer opportunities. To read more, check out our article: What is a Webinar?

Webinars are simpler to implement than a Full-blown Conference

Thanks to the ability to host webinars anywhere there is internet connectivity, you have great flexibility in how and when to host an event. There's no need to find the perfect venue that can accommodate your target audience, nor deal with the multitude of logistics and costs that typically accompany a full-blown conference.

Webinars are a concentrated dose of information that positions You as an Industry Expert

Webinars are like mini-conferences that typically focus on a single issue, product, service, or message. You can focus and dig deep into a topic, providing added value to attendees.

How your Lead Generation Team can create webinars guaranteed to attract Highly Qualified Leads

While every webinar is unique and requires personalization, there are common approaches to hosting a webinar that can deliver the quality leads you are looking for time and time again. The webinar creation process includes the following steps:

  1. Choose an Effective Webinar Style or Format Proven to Generate Leads
  2. Ensure You've Picked a Webinar Hosting Platform That Can Deliver the Best Experience for Your Audience and the Analytics You'll Need to Target Future Leads
  3. Lead Generation in Webinars Requires a Smart Registration Process
  4. Webinars Need Promotion: Choose Marketing Channels Based on Where Your Strongest Leads Are Likely to Exist
  5. Lead Generation in a Webinar Environment is About Being an Organized, Charismatic Expert
  6. Evaluate the Data, Optimize the Experience, Repeat, Generate Better Qualified Leads

Is your Demand Generation team ready to start using Webinars?

Want to host a great webinar and establish an always-on webinar strategy that converts? You'll need a full-service virtual event tool that includes integrations with popular marketing tools and CRM systems, amazing customer service, and an event app that makes virtual events a breeze. Fortunately, LiveWebinar offers these key features and many more.

Transforming an ordinary webinar into a high-quality lead generation machine doesn't have to be difficult. See for yourself and sign up for a free LiveWebinar trial. And now that you know effective demand generation strategies and how webinars can become streamlined, keep the momentum going with our free trial account!

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