How to choose the best meeting management software to drive quick results

Get to know crucial factors to consider when choosing the best meeting management software for your business.

In the digital landscape and hyper-connected universe we're part of, meetings have been completely transformed. Digital tools, particularly meeting management software, are redefining what it means to plan, conduct, and even follow up on meetings. But amid the sea of options, how do you go about selecting the best meeting software to drive quick results? This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the software that suits your needs best.

Features that enable planning and scheduling

One of the primary reasons for investing in meeting management software is to streamline the meeting planning and scheduling process. Look for features that enable easy sharing of calendars and availabilities, integrated scheduling, and auto-adjustment of time zones for multinational organizations. For instance, LiveWebinar includes integrated scheduling features for a smooth and efficient planning process.

User-friendly UX and integration capabilities

A complicated software platform can add more chaos than value to your meetings. Therefore, prioritize software that offers a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate - even for less tech-savvy team members. Additionally, search for software that integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack. This includes emails, task management tools, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms you currently use. Calendly, for example, is a meeting scheduling software that integrates seamlessly with various calendars (like Google, Outlook, and iCloud) and even with platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. LiveWebinar also offers a wide range of integrations

Advanced features that foster collaboration

Effective meetings thrive on collaboration. Look beyond basic video conferencing and ensure the software offers advanced features like screen sharing, live editing of documents, remote control access for participants, brainstorming tools, and others. Applications like Miro or MURAL, although not traditional meeting management software, offer huge virtual collaboration spaces that can be used in conjunction with video conferencing tools for a richer collaborative experience. When you use LiveWebinar, you have many collaborative features to use. Read more here

Assess the quality of audio and video

In digital meetings, clear communication trumps everything else. Hence, the quality of audio and video is a must-check factor. Does the software support high-definition video calls? Is the audio quality clear, even in low-bandwidth conditions? While tools like Zoom and Skype are known for their superior audio and video quality, ensure you evaluate this aspect based on your specific requirements and usage conditions. With LiveWebinar you can also meet specific requirements, as there are many customization options at your disposal. 

Robust security measures

The digital world is no stranger to privacy concerns and data breaches. Therefore, your chosen software should prioritize robust security features. Look for end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and stringent privacy policies. Tools like Webex and LiveWebinar provide advanced security options, including end-to-end encryption for all meetings, ensuring your data and conversations remain private.

Scalable solutions

Choose a meeting management software that can scale with your business. What might be suitable for a small team today might not work as the organization grows. Software like Microsoft Teams nd LiveWebinar offer solutions that are beneficial for small, medium and large sized enterprises due to their scalability.


Trimming down your search for the ultimate meeting management software can be a tedious process, but the result is worth it - efficient, effective, and productive meetings that drive quick results. Look for a solution that offers not just the basics, but also the advanced features tailored to your unique needs and workflow. Opt for software that removes complexities, promotes collaboration, ensures security, and ultimately, scales with your growth. Here’s to more productive meetings and quick results!

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