A quide to virtual events - Questions that organizers ask speakers for virtual/hybrid events.

Discover effective questions to ask potential speakers for your virtual/hybrid event. Learn how successful event organizers ensure a smooth and engaging presentation for their attendees.

In the new age of technological innovation, virtual or hybrid events have dramatically risen in popularity. With convenience and global accessibility at its core, this style of event has become a mainstay in the corporate and social world. However, hosting such events isn't as simple as shooting out invites and hoping for the best.

Exceptional event organizers recognize that advance preparation is key, and an integral part of this process is carefully selecting the speakers. After all, the speakers you invite will significantly impact the overall success of your event. However, before sending out that invitation, you must ask pertinent questions to guarantee a smoother run.

Here are questions that top-notch event organizers universally ask to ensure that their speakers are the perfect fit for their virtual or hybrid events.

#1 Can you adapt your speech for a virtual/hybrid audience?

Ask potential speakers if they can twist and tweak their usual speech to suit the context of a virtual or hybrid event. It is crucial that they know how to engage an online audience and maintain that  engagement for the duration of their talk.

#2 Are you comfortable using the chosen virtual platform and technology?

Not everyone is tech-savvy, and it’s imperative to ensure your speakers do not face technical difficulties during the event. Retreating to any possible technical issues beforehand can remove stage hiccups that may detract from the overall event.

It is good to choose an online communication platform that is easy to use and offers many useful features. Such platform is LiveWebinar. 

#3 Do you have the necessary equipment to deliver a top-quality presentation?

A high-standard presentation requires adequate equipment. Does your potential speaker have a good-quality microphone or camera? Do they have a professional, distraction-free space where they can deliver their speech?

#4 Can we run through a tech rehearsal?

Organizers should request a tech run-through with their potential speakers. This rehearsal can identify any weak spots in the delivery or solve potential technical glitches.

#5 What are your engagement strategies for the audience?

Understanding how the speaker plans on engaging with the audience will give organizers an idea of the talk’s flow and how it aligns with the event's overall objective.

#6 Do you have experience in virtual or hybrid speaking engagements?

Some speakers thrive with live audiences and may not transfer that energy effectively in a virtual environment. A speaker with prior experience can navigate the unique challenges of maintaining virtual audience engagement.


The perfect speakers can turn your virtual or hybrid event into an unforgettable experience. By asking these questions, you'll increase the chances of a successful, smooth-running event. Implement this approach in your next planning strategy, and watch the difference it makes.


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